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I'd like this song as originally quality. I don't like to pay for less format MP3!! Do you know anyone where is to get it as flac?!

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Hi everybody! It's been a wonderful Christmas concert, and great to be in such an important event for the Canadian Armed Forces despite...

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To the Fairies They Draw Near The Two Trees The Old Ways Dante’s Prayer

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Hi all! I've listened to the new song lots of times, and it's really moving, to say nothing of perfect mix of music and video images.

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Loreena's new song hopefully will be the first of a future brand new album...but the song beyond beautiful!!! It transported...

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Hello Fabio and everybody, I've heard and bought the song and I like the approach of a mother who has lost a child that Loreena's taken...

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Thank you for the lyrics, Mark. A wise man once said: "A man who lost his wife is called a widower. A woman who lost her husband is...

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Breaking of the Sword words & music Loreena McKennitt On a sunny April morning My dear son you were born Until one day you were...

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Dear Miss McKennitt! I was so lucky because I'm two time, see You in live my little country - in Hungary I have a questions for You (or...

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Have been listening to this new song all day long and like it a lot! Very powerful lyrics, I think. Thanks so much, Loreena and team. I...

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It's so great to hear Loreena with a song, after so many years, I may add. It's something new, but her voice is as strong as before and...