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I've heard it was available only on the tour, limited to just 1000 copies. Not sure if the number is accurate, but I got mine on eBay...

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For all who are interested: the whole Vimy Ridge ceremony can be watched here. Dante's Prayer starts around 01:53:20 Cheers, Stefan.

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Thanks for your informative posts.

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What a treat that Loreena sang Dark Night of the Soul at the Florence show, I am hoping she would consider playing it at the Amsterdam...

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Godspeed to heal Loreena. She is a giver and holds herself to such a high standard. its so important to clear all the energy she and you...

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Oh, no! So sorry to hear that! I hope she's feeling better--I was out with a bug myself last week, and that was bad enough; I can't...
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The event is not for everyone. It is only for the first twenty people. Loreena is more than generous with her time offering...

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ho visto la set list, buona. speriamo ci sia anche la canzona nuova di cui parlano..

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I was in Le Grand Rex in Paris, what a deep moment to meet Loreena for the very first time (VIP experience) and then this fantastic...

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thank you for posting, it's pretty much been the same for all the tours. I think they did an amazing job on mummer's dance with only 3 ...

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It's 10 years that I yearn for "Ancient pines" :-(

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