As a new guy I don't understand, what question?

Hello everyone,
I'm Alan, I have been involved in HiFi for many years, as a shop assistant, sales director and distributor in the past, but always as a hobby.
I have just bought Wind that shakes the barley on Vinyl and I really enjoy it, I hope other albums can be released on Vinyl in the near future, I would love to hear Mummer's Dance on Vinyl.
My HiFi system is All Vinyl and whilst I have heard many good CD players I've never got round to buying one, mainly because I would have to start another collection alongside my Vinyl and I prefer the musical presentation given on Vinyl.
However I do wonder whether there would now be any point in buying a CD player, some manufacturers have ceased production, Linn in particular, HMV have closed many shops and some record shops have gone bust, Ford are ceasing CD players in their cars and one modern group lately (can't remember who) released their album on Vinyl and download only.
Personally I think CD has had it's day.
Another factor is copying and pirating of recorded material, it is difficult and very time consuming to copy Vinyl, 30 years ago CD was going to annihilate Vinyl, now the reverse may happen.
I also feel sad for modern music listening, I enjoy the tactile experience of sitting in my music room with the stereo system I have acquired over many years and reading a sleeve, enjoying the picture and lowering a needle onto an LP and sitting to enjoy the superb music that is available on today's Vinyl, whereas the future may be just a phone/pad and a pair of in ear speakers, which may be good enough for some, but I wonder with today's throw away society whether they will lose their musical heritage.
OK enough prattling on,enjoy your music.
Please consider re-issues on Vinyl. kindest regards Al.
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