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When reading Gaias contribution (Oct. 13. 2008) to McKennitt / Ash Privacy Case I began thinking (oh yes I can do that too).

My friends are starting to call on my presence and asking me to make a profile on Facebook.

But I think I would feel like my privacy being intruded.
I am aware that I can choose whom I'd like to be my "friends", and for that reason I probably would hurt someone by not adding he or she to my friend-list. (I hate to be so harsh, but not all old schoolmates and such are indicated as friendly to me. Some might say time heals all wounds. But I say wounds can make ugly scars!)
Then another thing. I don't like exposing myself. And that I would also feel will happen.
I know I can make a profile that is strictly for the "friends". But I can't imagine there isn't an administrator who has access to everything on Facebook. And I don't like the thought that this(/these) person(s) kan read about me.
I know I can choose not to write any sensitive info. But that would be booooring for the "friends" to read!

Or maybe it's this simple...
I'm paranoid! Eeker Roll Eyes
(Anyone can read this message too!)

Well that was my story.

Now to the real thing...

Please feel free to tell why you are on Facebook or why not.
(Forgive me if I make new words... I don't know what a person on Facebook is called Confused)
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