Which song is your favourite Shakespeare/McKennitt combo?

Hello Loreenakateers!
I was on YouTube recently looking up the song Cymbeline. I typed just it's title, not Loreena's name, and the 'auto complete' search suggestions that came up were the following...IN THIS ORDER:

-cymbeline loreena mckennitt
-cymbeline william shakespeare

As far as I know, these suggestions are programed to be listed in order of most frequent searches. DO YOU GET THAT? Loreena McKennitt's version of just a small part of the play is more popular with YouTubers than the original play and its author (who just happens to be one of the best-known people in HISTORY)! YAY!CoolBig Grin

Unfortunately the same thing doesn't work when one types "cymbeline" into Google Frowner

Oh well.

Congratulations Loreena!
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