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If I were able to request future formats for your music I would desire every future album to be in a DVD CD format like Nights from the Alhambra. It is a little more expensive but thousands of your fans cannot afford to travel to see you live, and we have to wait a couple years between CD's. Still another reason is seeing you perform adds so much to the experience, there is warmth, and we get to see YOU and those who play with you. Please tape some of your live performances especially if the music played varies. Seeing the beautiful setting also adds to the experience. Wish you had done one from the open air theater by the sea in the Mediterranean I bet that would have been wonderful.
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When I saw Loreena this summer, I got the chance to watch her warm up and that to me, was the best part of the whole day. We got to hear her sing Arabic,see her work with her musicians and technical staff, and also hear her warm up to her piano. Just listening to her sing the scales was a great thrill. I like your idea George!


It was delightful to watch Nights from The Alhambra last night, available at Netflix. It's the first time we enjoy a video of this artist, besides listening to her CDs. Sadly, the signal would not keep a steady streaming pace, constantly changing from Dolby Digital to the default setting of Neo 6 Cinema in our Yamaha AVR. Though still outstanding, I firmly believe that it's now time to evolve into a UHD Blu-ray version for ALL of Loreena's existing and future performances, which implies the inclusion of the highest quality audio formats that will further enhance the quality on each of her pieces. It will be a great and honorable tribute to bring the legacy of this distinctive artist into the cultural world of entertainment. Honestly, playing a DVD nowadays simply doesn't make any justice to really discover the full potential in listening a formidable voice surrounded by one of the most authentic lines of instrumentations out there. Simply, it's time to upgrade from DVD, and I believe no fan will disagree.

Hi Mily,

I respectfully disagree here. From the very first time I put the Alhambra DVD into my player I was overwhelmed by both the audio and the video quality of the DVD. In fact, I wrote a review on amazon.de, asking why HD-DVD (as it used to be called back then) was even invented. And this was ages ago...

Having upgraded both my TV set as well as the Blu-Ray player as of late I watched Alhambra during the christmas break and I was even more overwhelmed, given that today's technology is capable of up-scaling, etc.

But yes, I would love to be able to listen/watch to something more recent, too.  

Cheers, Stefan.

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