Bravo My Dear Loreena for this Great Album!
this song "Emmanuel" is WONDERFUL!! yess!!!
Bravo for the song in old french too! Bravo!
SEE YOU in VERONA! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elisabetta from Italy!
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About the song in old french...
I have a question for Quinlan Road
I read "the North French/African rendering of “Noël Nouvelet!,” sung in Old French"
I suppose it is a reference to the "langue d'oïl" which was spoken in the north of France, in difference with the "langues d'oc" which was spoken in the south.
Does I am right ?

I preordered it too and one will also be a X-mas present. But even though I ahve the whole album downloaded, I only listen to one, the Breton carol (that I heard play this past summer during a Bann-Heol concert, it's a true piece of sacred Breton music). I want to keep the new CD for the Christmas season...

I was referring to the etymology of the word Emmanuel; its meaning is that one, but then I don't know anything about it; if he was a Jewish prophet, he is often mentioned by Catholics, however. He may be one of those ones who belong to more that just one tradition, like Abraham...

Facevo riferimento all'etimologia di Emmanuel; so che quello è il suo significato, ma non so nient'altro. Se anche era un profeta ebraico, viene, comunque, molto spesso nominato dai Cattolici. Può darsi si tratti di quei personaggi che si ritrovano in più di una religione, come Abramo...
Originally posted by Jolanta:
Hi freesoul
Emmanuel is symbolic name of Messiah,
cf: Is 7,1-12,6.
Hebraic immanu’el means ‘God with us’.
For Christians the notions(names) Emmanuel, Messiah and Jesus Christ are identical,
cf: Mt 1,23.

Thank you very much, Jolanta.
In fact I remembered a priest some years ago, in the Christmas time, saying that, on the Christmas day, we were celebrating the 'immanu'el, namely 'God with us'; your post reminded me his words.
Many regards!! Smiler
Originally posted by Betty:
Ma che dici Gianni il concerto è aperto a tutti! non hai visto i biglietti??? sono in vendita,cari rabbiosi ma ci sono!
Gianni this concert is for all,the tickets are buy now!

si..ho visto...sono 400 a 100-200 euro...è troppo per me,visto che dovrei spendere 50 euro di treno.
Eppoi aspetterò un vero e proprio concerto di loreena
Yep..I checked and 100euro is too much for me
Anyway,i'm waiting for a new loreena concert

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