Enya publishing a Winter themed album a few days after Loreena...and read....

Hey folks. I dont write often but read you a lot.

Incredible! Just read that Enya will be publishing on November 4th an album whose title is "And Winter Came" and which will contain a string of Christmas songs! One of which, I read online, whill be - hear hear! -O come, O come, Emmanuel! Already present in AMND tracklist!

What a bizarre coincidence! Enya and Loreena measuring themselves on the same ground and at the same time!

Loreena, you will always and forever be our N.1 Winter Songstress!
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Hi Everyone:
Really I hope that Enya has the sufficient intelligence to not sing the same song that loreena on her disc. My respect to Enya music, But there are prohibited ways and to measure up with loreena are one of them.
The chances do not exist only they indicate our ignorance on a topic to be able to find the link that joins them.
Yes, Loreenakateers, I am aware that Enya is publishing a CD two weeks following Ms. McKennitt's own. I don't think we need for one to criticize the other. We had that issue between Enya and Loreena McKennitt before in one of the early topics we discussed on this forum. On the other hand, I see this as a positive effect on our spiritual realm. Listen we are having some Celtic musical solar eclipse. I hope that these two women will finally get together on TV at Christmastime to sing "O come, O come, Emmanuel". Smiler--Loreenya
You're quite right Loreenya. I quite respect Enya's work and am quite fond of a few of his albums. I think she has a fascinating repertoire and a nice voice,albeit too synth-heavy. So heavy that she cannot replicate her songs live as they would sound completely different from the originals.

That said, I am sure both albums will be splendid! Was just noting how weird it is that they're both coming out with a very similar product in the same period! And with one track being sung by both!! with all the millions Christmas tunes ever published :-)
Cintia tutti sanno che Enya è una Grande Signora del mondo celtico....personalmente preferisco Loreena,ma visto che entrambe hanno fatto una canzone in comune...perchè no,vederle insieme sarebbe emozionante...

Cintia alls know that Enya is a Great Lady of Celtic World.....My eyes are only for Loreena,but I hope see Enya and Loreena together a day....why no?
Hi Betty:
I don´t think that Enya´s music be Celtic style really, is more New Age than Celtic.
Neither I believe that LM's music is only a Celtic style.I believe that she has touched many different styles because she has had many influences of music of different countries.
Anyway I dont´t like duets when so personal styles are had (and I say it for both).
I prefer McKennitt&Clannad Wink
Originally posted by lilymaid:
Hi forum!

There´s no comparation between Loreena and Enya. Their styles are completelly different, and you must think that Enyia doesnt write her lyrics.

In my opinion, Loreena is the best, and nobody could compare to her.


This is for anyone who has Enya's new 'And Winter Came' CD--what is it really like? I tried locating sound clips, but could only find a video instead for one of the songs, leaving me wondering what any of its other music sounds like. Thus, I had to simply content myself with reading reviews on it via amazon.com. There, it all seems 'a matter of opinion', and I couldn't believe how Loreena's name kept coming up in those reviews of Enya's CD! I found said 'comparisons' to be more than mildly disconcerting; I thought, why are people doing this? Confused

Artists shouldn't be compared as to 'who is better', I don't feel, particularly two such talented artists whose music, arrangements, and even singing voices are so different from each other! One is a studio-only recording artist, the other both a studio recording musician and a phenomenal live performer! 'Comparing' them seems a bit ludicrous, sorry. Frowner

Now, then: I dare not ask about this on an Enya forum, but as someone who does enjoy some of Enya's music very much, I'd like to know from folks in Loreena's forums here who also enjoy listening to Enya how this new CD of hers stacks up against some of her others, and if it's worth getting? I'm interested in 'winter-themed' CDs, Christmas-type music that is NOT just the same-old, same-old 'boring' Christmas carols, music which has wonderful, interesting, even exotic arrangements, etc, if that helps.

Please note that I am NOT asking if Enya's new CD is 1) 'as good as', 2) 'better than', or 3) 'not as good as' Loreena's new AMND CD etc...in fact, I don't even want or need to 'know' about any of that. Wink

It does seems strange to me that this topic even came up again--I thought the Loreena-vs-Enya subject matter 'died' back early in 2004 on the Old Ways list; I guess some topics will never truly fade away.

I nevertheless decided to try viewing the best of what I found here as an opportunity, and go ahead and simply ask my question, hoping several will feel prompted to give me their honest opinions so I can decide whether or not to buy 'And Winter Came'. I can be reached off-forum by private email, if desired; any forum member can look up that information and find it listed in my Profile.

One little thing I managed to discover about the song both artists' new CDs have in common is that Enya is supposed to be singing 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' in both English AND Latin, and most of her fans who reviewed the CD on amazon.com seem to like that particular song on her CD either best, or as one of its top two.

English, Latin, or both, makes little difference to me. I do love the way Loreena arranged her version of it, in Latin. It's so gorgeous I find myself listening to it over and over again! Smiler

Just to clarify, as this post was started off by myself - it was never meant to be enticing towards a comparison between the 2 singers or a competition to choose who's the best.

I only thought I would share with you how bizarre a coincidence it was that 2 big names of the celtic/experimental music world would release a winter album so close to one another - and ever more so, how weird that both albums would also feature a track in common with so many winter-themed options out there.

Mine was just a remark and I hope I haven't been misunderstood as I never meant to be -

All Souls Night.
Originally posted by All_souls_night:
Just to clarify, as this post was started off by myself - it was never meant to be enticing towards a comparison between the 2 singers or a competition to choose who's the best.

You are correct--sorry. I guess your innocent post may have prompted a very few to 'kinda-sorta-almost' do so. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. Maybe any comparison is simply an inevitable phenomenon?

Anyway, I received an email from barnesandnoble.com advertising Enya's new CD, complete with sound clips, and although they are very short--only 30 seconds each--at least I finally got an idea of what 'And Winter Came' might sound like. I say 'might', because many of the clips only include 'intros' to songs, so that one can't actually hear much of anything. Frowner

I appreciate the way Loreena offers her own sound clips; generally they are 'longer', or at least long enough that one gets to hear some of her actual singing. Sometimes she even begins a clip in the midst of a song, so that the listener gets a good 'feel' for the sound of the piece. This seems like a good advertisement for her music, especially when brand-new listeners happen to run across all the CDs and downloads she has for sale.

I have always thought, the more great artists there are, the better! I am constantly looking for music that I like, music that I can put on the entire CD and just listen and enjoy. I don't find many artists like that. But both Enya and Loreena McKennitt epitomize that for me. I would buy albums by either of them without having ever listened to them, because I KNOW how wonderful they both are. Because I can trust in their musical journeys.

I am thrilled that they both put out Christmas albums this year. I can't wait to buy both, and listen to them each in turn, beautiful voices, beautiful music...and just

O Come Emmanuel is one of my favorite Christmas songs, so I cannot wait to listen to these two different versions.


To test Enya and Loreena I downloaded temporarily all of their albums. I often do album evaluations. It turned out for me that Enya's music is unspeakably smooth it shows no versatility. I'm sorry but I don't really know why people like Enya. 90% of her songs are based on the same patterns.
In contrast, Loreena is the artist of the music I was seeking after.
Some people like both Enya and Loreena. Some people only like one. It's all okay. They have some similarities but also great differences. However, I would have to disagree that most of Enya's songs sound the same. She actually has quite a few styles.
Originally posted by Salvador:
Personally, I love both of them.
They are my favourites musicians and for my part, I don't see the need to choose. Simply, I enjoy her music!

So, this Christmas will be perfect for me! Smiler

Originally posted by Loreenya:
Umm...why is it we are beating the dead horse over the issue between Enya and Loreena McKennitt? I mean, come on. Of course, God created those two chicks to be equal. --Loreenya

I agree with both these comments. Even if one doesn't believe in God like Loreenya so obviously does, one has to agree that they are two totally different people who both have an equal right to publish winter themed albums. Like All_souls_night said, this is not a post to compare the two, but merely a statement on the coincidence of the fact that they both released albums with the word 'winter' in the title within a few days of each other, both of which feature a common track. In fact, I do wonder whether it is a coincidence, or whether Loreena called Enya up and said "what are you doing this winter? I'm making an album with the song Emmanuel on it. How about you do the same, we'll release it within a few days of each other, and see if anyone notices..."
and Enya said: "sounds great! let's do it..."

Well, we have noticed! the least we could do is restrain ourselves from bagging out Enya's music. Okay, maybe "bagging out" is too strong a word, but you know what I mean!
Honestly, I don't think it's any coencidence that Enya came out with her Christmas album right after Loreena came out with hers. A lot of people like to think the two are similar, Roll Eyes but let's be real. Loreena just has what it takes. And no, I am not biased. (If I were biased, I wouldn't know why I prefer one over the other. My reasons: Loreena's voice is a lot stronger, yet still sweet. And I can understand what she's singing, except for when she sings Noel Novuelet, which, of course, is in Old French!)

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