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Hey all.  I've been a fan of Loreena's music and finally was able to see a show in person Saturday night in Seattle.  What a lovely event!  A pleasure to see her and the two fabulous musos with her.  I am a self employed music teacher, musician and songwriter involved in my local organic music community here.  And I'm also a Morris dancer. :-)

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Hi Arianna! I was there at The Paramount and glad to read you were there as well. It was a beautiful show and I enjoyed Loreena's stories. I love hearing talk as much as sing. It was my 3rd time seeing her and it will never get old. I was with my sister, a friend, my son, and his wife. He went to be with her and now he likes Loreena (finally, after growing up with her). His wife has been a fan for a long time and was going to name her daughter after Loreena, but she didn't look like a "Loreena" so she named her Nicole instead and she was happy when she fell in love with my son, Nicholas. Of course I was disappointed,  just a little.

Anyways, you sound very talented yourself. It's not an easy life to be self employed singer/songwriter/teacher/dancer. I have a dear friend who was in the same career path, alas, her body decided a different path for her as she can barely move on some days. She is also  a Loreena fan and I took her and a few other people to see Loreena at the Woodland Park Zoo a couple of years ago. The picture by my name is Loreena in the foreground warming up at the zoo. It was a fabulous concert, absolutely!

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I was devastated to hear just today about the concert in Seattle!  I would have been there had I known.  I cannot wait until she makes it to the northwest again.

I saw Altan the day before here in Spokane so all was not lost, but Ms. McKennit is top of my 'bucket list' for concerts to see.  I know she is coming to the midwest, so perhaps I will have to look to see where the final dates are and make a vacation out of it.

I've been a fan for 20+ years, and her music moves me like noone else. 


Hi Kenn! Loreena has been the premier artist (for me) to listen to since I first heard her sing "All Souls Night". That was about 20 some years ago. The more I've listened to her and been able to read and see interviews of her, I have great respect for her. I'd love to see her again and I doubt I'd be able to make it to the mid west.

I hope you get to experience her concerts, she is delightful and charming and leaves you feeling great.

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