Greatest Live DVD ever !!!

This Live DVD/CD Set have the best soundquality
I have ever seen and hear.
Specially the great voice from Loreena is fantastic

I join the Concert in Hamburg CCH and this was a
absolut highlight.Great performance from great musicians.
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I was actually taken by surprise, that there were more than just the DVD inside the cover!
A very pleasant surprise.

When standing there, April 1. 2007, at the concert, I had my doubt wether I could afford buying it.
Luckily my heart won.
And many hours I have spent singing along to both the CD's and the DVD.

Have fun

The Anxious 2
Certainly one of the best, hands down. The sound quality is superb, but the performance from all the musicians that night (including Loreena), as well as the inclusion of beautiful footage of Loreena exploring the Alhambra, and her commentary between songs, make this one of the best, as well as the cleanest, clearest, and well-edited concert videos ever made.
There are actually a couple of continuity issues on the DVD where Loreena is playing the piano and her hair is rearranged, without a break from her playing or singing. That could just be me missing something.


Who cares !!

I don't, she is absolutely marvellous, her music is wonderful and the group are outstanding.

Life is worth living after all.
I was fortunate to catch Loreena's live concert in Columbus , Ohio on the fall tour. I bought 2 copies of the DVD/CD at the venue. It was a fabulous concert. All the musicians were quite impressive.Loreena was superb. I particularly noted the violin/fiddle parts,they sounded so vibrant and alive. Sadly, the performance of the violin/fiddle on the DVD did not sound "vibrant and alive" it sounded rather muted and inconsequential, to me. The sound just was not there for some reason. All else seemed just as in the concert and if I had not been to the concert I would not have known to expect the vibrancy of the violin/fiddle performance. Having said that, I am so glad to have this concert on DVD.
Hello from sunny Spain

I agree: NFTA is the best concert released in dvd in History Wink

Loreena´s voice, the colourful instruments... the Alhambra...

I visited the Alhambra two weeks ago and when I entered Charles V Palace y could hear Loreena´s voice and music in the walls...

If you love Loreena and her music, you should visit Granada (and Santiago de Compostela) at least once in your lives...


MARTÍN (Castellón, Spain)
Greetings, everyone!
I agree with gypsiewitch13 that this DVD is the greatest music videos ever made! The sound is great, the lighting and the camerawork are phenomenal--and, of course, Loreena McKennitt and the other musicians are the best I've ever experienced! The one thing that makes this concert stand out for me--in addition to Ms McKennitt's personal tour of the Alhambra palace--is the way she so unselfishly features the virtuoso performances of her "Idling Porsches," allowing each of them time to shine on her video. And, I love the way each of the musicians seems to really enjoy hearing their comrades' outstanding performances. Few groups have that kind of camaraderie and friendship. And, as someone said on the Moveable Musical Feast video, her group (including technical people) really appreciates her thoughtfulness and consideration so much that they are willing to stay together and travel with Ms McKennitt, year after year. Few other groups have that kind of cohesion!
Please forgive my American spelling, which may be different from Canadian or UK spelling. As they say, we are one culture separated by a common language!
I can't wait for Ms McKennitt and her entourage to return home safely from this successful European tour!
I also think that it is the best DVD of live concert of the whole history of the music. I do not get tired of seeing it again and again. Excellent quality of image and sound. I think that they should do another DVD, besides of the Musical Moveable Feast, with a mixture of the concerts of the Live Tour Summer 2008.It would be very nice!
The DVD and the CD are both in excellent sound and picture quality. The camera work is great, too. All in all a masterpiece.

It also brings back great memories of the live performance of her tour in 2007. But it doesn't only bring back those memories - it also brings back the same emotions I felt during her performance. I was stunned then and am stunned again - everytime I watch it.

I like taking my time to watch it - in my opinion it's not a DVD to be put on just to be put on. You have to watch it - indulge in it - in total quietness...
Hallo! I hade the great privelidge to se her perform at the Palace of the Alhambra 13/9 2006.It was a magic night and the concert just breath taking! They where shooting the DVD "Nights from Alhambra" so the concert became different in many ways..The concert is by far the most beatiful music experience in my life!! /Timo.

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