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Hi Loreenakateers!

I've been somewhat inactive here for a while, so for those who aren't familiar with me: I'm an eccentric Tasmanian troubadour who plays a variety of instruments and has a soft spot for Nordic culture, cats, and chocolate. Like most people everyone here, I'm hugely inspired by Loreena McKennit's music and I'm currently recording an album which features a lot of songs and tunes that you'll all be familiar with, including (I can safely say having just got the green light from the lovely staff at Quinlan Road) my version of her musical setting of Yeats's poem Stolen Child, and a bunch of traditional pieces that Loreena has also covered (mostly to be found on Elemental and The Wind That Shakes the Barley), as well as other folk songs plus some of my own compositions.

As I type, I'm in the final 30 hours of a crowdfunding campaign to finance the album, so if there are any of you reading this who'd love to hear some new arrangements of songs that you love, I'd be thrilled if you would pledge your support to the project (the album budget of course includes royalties for the use of Stolen Child, so by supporting me, you're also supporting Loreena!).

Be aware that this is an ALL-OR-NOTHING campaign - if that target isn't reached by the closing time, everyone will get refunded and there will be no budget for the album at all. Click here to start pledging:

This message board was the first "social media" (if I can use that label) platform that I ever got involved in, and I have many fond memories of interacting with other Loreena enthusiasts during many discussions across a wide range of topics. I've even met one or two of you in person (you know who you are)! I'd be so honoured if any of you wanted to support my music!

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


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