Is the forum dead?

Hello everyone,

or, should I rather ask: Is there anyone out there?
I've been absent from the message board for a few years, life just happened this way. And now that I am back I find this forum completely empty... All tumbleweeds and dust, only masses of spam posts popping up every time I check back. That's so sad.

Where are you? Have you moved on? Will you be coming back? Any new faces here? And, most of all, why is nobody stopping the flood of spam topics?! I seriously thing that this forum is in need of some decluttering.

I hope I can ready someone out there.

All the best, 

My Lords, do whatever you wish. As for me, I shall do no otherwise than pleases me. ~Elizabeth I.
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I still stop by here, but there’s not much to discuss while Loreena works on her new projects.  The forum definitely picked up in activity during the recent tour, and I’m sure it will again when Loreena is ready to share her latest creations.  Even the official Facebook page hasn’t made a post in months.  It’s just a quiet limbo period.

The spam posts are a shame, though!

Hi Elizabeth! Actually I just popped on here myself to see if there were any updates or rumors of news, so it was nice to see a living person, not just all that spam that is on the board! Hoping we hear something new soon, it's been a while! Take care, from Athens Ohio

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