Just got it... and a first..

Finnally got AMND today from HMV on line.. it was late... played it once, went to rip it for my Ipod so I can listen @ work... and there was the first...lol

THe Itunes database couldn't give the track listing.. so I was the one that entered it all for the Gracenote (or whatever it's called) Database

The moveable music feast brought back many memories of a special Evening @ London's Barbican, in April 2007..

I'm a grinch, so "seasonal" songs arn't really my thing, but it is such a real pleasure to hear that voice....
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That night was unforgettable...the acoustics of that place were astounding...the next day I rented a car and drove down to Portsmouth, up to Avebury (& Stonehenge), Marlborough and then back to the airport, all the while that amazing concert the night before on my mind. Two really fun days...

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We were in the 3rd row, front & Centre Big Grin

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