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I have enjoyed this DVD immensly as have friends I have shared it with. One small issue was the absence of printed lyrics used by Loreena. Fortunately I have most of the songs covered from other CD's of Loreena's but Raglan Road was missing. Now, with help from Stacey (postmaster at Quinlan Road) she has given me a web link to this lyric.,,1945607,00.html
Paste this into your brouser and enjoy the words of Raglan Road. Thank you Stacey and thank you Loreena for a magic DVD.

Love, Mascadan
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Hi Everyone. I don't wish to duplicate what others have written but i've added some links which may of interest to anyone who likes to do a little research into what they're performing. I'm no musician (i can only strum open chords on a guitar) and my singing won't win prizes, but as i see it, every poem written is a song waiting to be set to music. (with the possible exception of just about everything by william mcgonagall!!). My particular favourite being rudyard kiipling. If you want to delve a little deeper into 'raglan road', then could i suggest you listen to the late great like kelly's interpretation as he was the man who set the poem to the trad' tune 'dawning of the day'.

The following mudcat link delves a lot deeper into the lyrics but if you're looking for any clues as to the secret sign known to the true gods of sound and stone, then i'm afraid your quest is not yet over!

Life's a long song. BB Zippy

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