Noël Nouvelet!

Hi everybody^^

Afew days ago I bought Midwinter Night´s Dream, and i really love it^^ its just wonderful^^

But i have a problem, I don´t speak french, and i don´t understand the lyrics of Noël Nouvelet!.
I will be really gratful if someone could give me a translation of it.

Thank you very much^^
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It's not exact, but it's close!

Christmas comes anew, O let us sing Noel!
Glory to God! Now let your praises swell!
Sing we Noel for Christ, the newborn King, Noel!
Sing we Noel for Christ, the newborn King.
Christmas comes anew, O let us sing Noel!
Angels did say, "O shepherds come and see,
Born in Bethlehem, a blessed Lamb for thee."

In the manger bed, the shepherds found the Child;
Joseph was there, and Mother Mary mild. Refrain

Soon came the kings from following the star,
Bearing costly gifts from Eastern lands afar.

Brought to Him gold and incense of great price,
Then the stable bare resembled Paradise.
Hello All

The press release for AMND tell us about "the North French/African rendering of “Noël Nouvelet!,”

When I read that, North French , I immediately thought about langue d'oil .

In old times, each country (region) of France had its own language, and its own words.

these languages were classified in two :
the "langues d'Oil" were spoken in the north of France (they said "oil" for "yes"), and the "langues d'oc" in the south.(They said "Oc" for "yes")

(Please, I am very curious, but does someone from QR can confirm to me that by "north french" we must listen "langue d'oïl" ?)

Nevertheless, I tried to translate the song to english. I hope I didn't make mistakes, and that it will help you to understand :

Noël Nouvelet and Noël (we do) sing here ;
Devout people, (we) give back thanks to god ;
(We) do sing Noël for the king new little ;
Noël Nouvelet ! Noël (we) do sing here !

In Bethléem, Mary and Joseph (I do) saw,
The donkey and the bullock, the child lying among
The christmas crib was the place of a small cradle
Noël Nouvelet ! Noël we do sing here !

The star came that the day lighted
And (I) saw it well from where I left
To Bethléem the three kings drived
Noël Nouvelet ! Noël we do sing here !

One had the gold, the other the myrrh too
And the other the frankincense, that had good smell
The paradise seems little garden

Noël Nouvelet ! Noël we do sing here !

Noël Nouvelet ! Noël we do sing here !

In twelve days Noël was accomplished
By five verses my song will be ended
For each day I had done a couplet
Noël Nouvelet ! Noël we do sing here !
Originally posted by Jesse:
what do you all think of the violin riff? it's very similar to the one from All Souls Night, don't you think? is Loreena taking off her own song? Roll Eyes

I like the violins in the song very much! I was listening one night in the car and only heard a small portion before I had to turn the radio off and thought "Is this All Souls Night? it is very similar. It might be deliberate or not but I love it either way! Big Grin
Well the violin riff is a simple descending scale in that "arabic pattern" Wink, I don't think it is stolen from another song of hers, even if she uses it in other songs too.

I think her anglo-french Wink makes her sound like a normannic lady, it is really beautiful and it sounds so nicely ancient.

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