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Hello everybody,

First of all I want to thank QR staff for the great offers for Loreena's new album, especially the gift pack. :-)
Browsing through the QR shop yesterday I noticed that all of the CDs are REALLY cheap. E.g. when I order the gift pack of "The wind that shakes the barley" I'm going to pay 10 Canadian $ for it, which means about 7 €. And this is extremely little, considering that when I go to a shop here (for example, Media Markt, the biggest retailer in Germany), I'd pay 16 or 17€ for the same CD.
This made me wonder how much of that money actually arrives at the artists. Can it be true that companies that are involved in shipment and selling CDs make more money out of a single album than the artist him/herself???
I mean, this is not about me trying to save money. I'd gladly pay 17€ (which I consider a fair price for a CD) in the QR shop, because I trust Loreena to spend my money wisely, and to pay fair wages. Something I cannot be sure of with other companies.
So I'd like to know who gets what when I buy a CD.
Maybe someone is an expert in music business here. :-)

Kindest regards,

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