Tell Me O Muse

I just received my copy of An Ancient Muse, and I'm listening to Penelope's Song at this very moment.
I feel on the brink of tears or laughter-- the feeling of listening to this album is one of rejuvination for me. The beauty of this music is beyond words; but it makes me boundlessly joyful.

Thank you, Loreena, and everyone at Quinlan Road.

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This is a great song. I remember Loreena performing this song at The Edmonton Folk Music Festival last summer. It was performed as an encore and only a handful of people had heard it prior. The crowd was in awe and the night ended, just like that.
I cannot wait till Christmas to go back in Greece to get my Greek copy of my Muse's work...

Thank you from the depths of my heart dearest Loreena..
Thank you for keeping me company since your first cd-and mine too- tickled my ears and brought me to a place where dreams, are true..

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