The muse shuns me :(

Hey all,
My stereo cd player broke ages ago--the stereo is still functional, but the actual cd player itself doesn't work any longer. Anyways, due to a variety of reasons (mostly just cost) I haven't been able to get another stereo.

My PC speakers are a terrific replacement though, they even come with a subwoofer and tweeters. Also, I can use headphones when it's late at night and don't want to wake the kid. Long story short, I listen to cd's via my home PC and when I'm at work via my work PC.

But...An Ancient Muse won't play! I'm assuming there's some copyright protection gobbledygook at work here? How do I get the cd to play? Frowner
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Let me answer my own question.

I unhooked the speaker plug from the back of my PC and plugged it into the front of my PC (in the cd-rom's headphone plug), then pushed the "play" button on the front of the cd-rom.

Convoluted, but it plays! Big Grin Terrific music!!!!

On a broader note, as the PC becomes the center of the average consumer's home theater, I expect anti-piracy countermeasures such as this will become increasingly cumbersome. There has to be a comfy middle-ground?

No easy answers I guess. :-/

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