Three different versions of the album?

According to the press release, the limited edition (with AMMF dvd) will be available just in Canada, where also the standard version will be sold, however.

I don't know anything about the mysterious make me curious Smiler
Let's hope that at least one of these 'special' sets will be available even here....I like surprises!
Hi vale, I only found two versions on Barnes&Noble, and I usually get my Loreena albums there.

Here's the description of the special edition:
"This Deluxe Limited Edition box set also includes a DVD called A Moveable Musical Feast that features an hour-long documentary and 25 minutes of previously unreleased musical performances from 2007 An Ancient Muse Tour. It's all topped off with postcards, a special holiday foldout, and ornaments!"

I'm really interested in this special edition, the postcards stuff must be cool! Big Grin
Originally posted by freesoul:
Hi Vale,

would you mind pasting a link with the mysterious edition? Smiler

Actually, I already did! Smiler

Just click on the words "mysterious edition" in my first post in this thread, and you should be able to see it. Wink

However, it's not mysterious anymore: this special edition will include the DVD "A Moveable Musical Feast."

I love that the covers are different each edition.

It means if you're a hardcore LM-fan, you need to buy all of them !!! Big Grin Razzer

Originally posted by vale: lists three different versions of the album, one of which seems to be a limited edition...

1) Regular edition

2) Limited edition

3) Mysterious edition

I wonder what the differences among one another will be. Smiler


PS: the album cover is fabulous!
One if the things about Quinlan Road that makes them so very special is the sheer effort and thought that goes into the production of their physical products (CDs). The limited boxed set of AMWND is simply brethtaking, and a gift at the price! Thank you, QR and Loreena for always giving your fans the very VERY best in quality as far as packaging is concerned (aside from the music itself of course). Please always remember that not everyone wants to just download MP3s... THANK YOU, with love and respect. Bryan.x

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