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I never could imagine that Loreena would yield to temptation trying to make money the way those Biebers or Rihannas do.

I reckon that the "VIP experience" is a big mistake by a wonderful and modest artist who has always been so close to fans around the world, meeting them, talking to them and allowing to take pictures with her after the shows... 

Does it make sense to become a diva now, after so many decades, making up groups of Vip fans who will be the only ones to have the chance of being in contact with her during the tour? I don't think so.

I will miss the former Loreena and her points of view and attitudes towards fans. Because now she has you-don't-deserve-an-autograph-as-you-are-not-rich fans. Most of them indeed.

Money rules.

Greetings from the Mediterranean.



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In fact this thing costs 180 Euros are not enough ... I just ... I was to see this news, in the sense to see that fans do not have to pay ... just meet up outside the concert. ..a hour or two before the concert....I knew who to recommended Loreena in this direction .....







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Loreena most likely still will meet her fans after the concert, according to his work commitments and schedules for flights .. but I think it is a mistake the direction of the VIP experience ... also because not everyone can pay 180 € ... and apart from this, it is not nice that there are such differences ..who can enter and who can not see it ... maybe later, trips allowing...
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however, now the plans are made, and we, we can only say what we think ..


I think you're being way too harsh.  No where does it say Loreena is only going to meet the fans who pay extra for the VIP experience.  In fact, the description of the package stresses the meeting  is "guaranteed".  It's never promised Loreena will greet fans at her concerts, but she usually does anyway.  This package simply guarantees it, in addition to the great experience of access to the (usually private) soundcheck, and also the Book Of Secrets vinyl set (which is pricey alone, and probably a big part of the VIP's price reasoning).

(And additionally, another description of the VIP experience on the website stresses the meeting is an exclusive opportunity to meet Loreena before concerts.  As opposed to after concerts, when she usually meets fans.  It literally states:  "While Loreena often tries to meet with the general public after performances and will continue to do so, travel schedules and other such constraints occasionally prevent this. 'Behind The Curtain' is guaranteed opportunity to meet Loreena.")

It's all in the phrasing, don't be so quick to judge.  I think it's a cool idea on QR's part.

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non è certo  per giudicare che ho detto questo, ma come ho scritto ,180 euro non sono pochi e non tutti possono permettersi questa esperienza...poi lo so che lei appena riesce riceve il suoi fans dopo il concerto...e questa è una cosa molto bella e non tutti la fanno
Il mio non è un giudizio, ma è quello che mio parere.


Thanks for noticing the carefully worded explanation. Unfortunately it is difficult to explain all the features of such a promotion before people jump to conclusions.

As you have noted, we will still make every effort to meet with fans following the show, but that's not always possible. There is often one or two dates in a tour, where we must move along to our next destination or that it's simply not possible to meet with everyone after the concert.

By contrast, the pop stars charge in excess of 400 EUR for a package which includes an autograph and a ten second photo opportunity, herded among hundreds of other 'customers'.

So many product exercises are actually experiments. Introducing digital downloads, transcribing sheet music for sale, releasing the catalogue on vinyl. This promotion falls in the same category. We may or may not offer it on future tours. We will see!

Martin, you wrote above, "I will miss the former Loreena and her points of view and attitudes towards fans. Because now she has you-don't-deserve-an-autograph-as-you-are-not-rich fans." That does not sound true. I had the opportunity to meet Ms. McKennitt without having to pay extra. I wrote her a note that would make her be pleased with me by email and that got me in.  (I wonder if my telling her that I have Asperger's Syndrome was one of those factors. I knew that she was/is involved in the Golden Hat Foundation). When I met with her, the Colonel was quite open and tolerant, if not friendly and approachable. Man, she was so Christ-like towards me. Thankfully, she did not get angry or impatient with me when I hugged her, asked for her autograph and had a "selfie" with her. Does that help, Martin? Feel free to ask or anything.

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Mark, But there is certainly behind an organization of
marketing of which we do not know all the details, talk to Loreena a moment calmly is a great opportunity, there remains the fact that not everyone can pay 180 euro ... sure those who can not wait after the concert ...

unfortunately it is not easy to explain I know ..


The event is not for everyone. It is only for the first twenty people. Loreena is more than generous with her time offering complimentary opportunities to meet after the show, where possible. The tickets in the front row have a premium cost. Should every ticket in a theatre have the same price? No, there are varying degrees of quality in the concert experience and those tiers are priced accordingly. We never said Loreena would not meet people after the show. In fact she has done so after every concert with one exception this tour and she was sick. The pay per use experience has inherent costs in both money and time and as such, it is a product.

Mark posted:

We never said Loreena would not meet people after the show. In fact she has done so after every concert with one exception this tour and she was sick.

Oh, no!  So sorry to hear that!  I hope she's feeling better--I was out with a bug myself last week, and that was bad enough; I can't imagine being under the weather and having to travel and be on stage performing.  Not to mention the fact that her job, so to speak, is not one where she can call out sick and find someone to cover for her.

Speaking from my own experience in a relatively public job (I'm a walking tour guide for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Roar and Snore program), when you're sick yet you still find yourself working and trying to tough it out, it's hard to have those one-on-one interactions with a whole bunch of guests without feeling completely run down afterwards.  And staying up late can make the feeling even worse.  

Hopefully she's getting (or has gotten) the rest she needs and is feeling better; maybe that will put things into perspective for the less understanding among us...

For me the Behind the curtain experience was amazing, she is so warm and special person. She talk to us and share with us with true love. You can feel it comes from her heart. I was in the Paris concert, have the chance to talk to her about "Camino de Santiago" where I live, in Spain, also gave her a pair of silver shell earings (I hope she used in that concert).  Lot of hugs and miles of smiles.stop looking the black dot in the great White curtain, we have to respect people´s way of living  and professional life and decisions.  Hugs to all. Buen Camino !

Wow, long time no see on the message board. I actually just bumped back into here and yes, I know the topic is not really up-to-date anymore, but still I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

When I first saw the announcement of the VIP experience, I was very disappointed with it for the same reason that Martin mentioned. By now, I have caImed down about it, also, Mark's explainations make sense to me. It's a product, it's capitalism. It's supposed to create a demand to make money with.

I personally don't agree with the concept of selling your time to people who can afford it.* However, it is an offer that QR makes and the choice to pay for it or not is the customer's.

I attended the concert in Mannheim this spring and I really enjoyed it. But I went home after the concert and decided not to wait for "anything to happen". Been there, done that. I guess I saved Loreena some time to spend with other people.

*Edit:  Thinking about it, the concept of work is of course always based on the exchange of money against time. The only difference I see with this is just whether both sides consider the exchange as work (or a product)  or just one side, in that case, Loreena, does.

I don't understand the disparagement of VIP tickets. It's an industry standard, it's a special experience with the artist, and the best way to make it an exclusive event is to set a high price. If it matters that much to you, then you can save up for it.

There's a lot of other arguments too... she's not a mega-rich artist and deserves every penny. She comes out after shows anyway and visits her fans. She busts her behind playing five shows a week and touring all over the place, so her spare time is indeed valuable. Time for all of us is valuable, but in this case she is the producer and we are consumers.

I saw her three times last year, and two out of the three I waited for her to come out. Both times she did. Had I known about the VIP I would have saved for it and savored the experience. She's a wonderful artist and a brilliant mind.


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