What New Music Markets Are Out There

As we discussed the many changes in the Music Business with Loreena McKennitt, it made me wonder about the Music Business a little more. What new markets in the music business are on the horizon or are up and coming?

Also, I was curious in particular about music/vocals and storytelling combined together.

There are so many music markets out there. I would certainly to like to hear everyone's thoughts or knowledge about new music markets (if any) and the idea of music/vocals and storytelling combined together!

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do these songs ring a bell?
She Moved Through the Fair
Annachie Gordon
The Lady of Shalott
The Bonny Swans
Good King Wenceslas
The Highwayman
The English Ladye and the Knight

Loreena is already a master at musical storytelling! I think she is fantastic. Big Grin

I wish she would share her fantasticness with us Australians and come here on her next tour!

Luv Jesse
I did find another person who also follows the storytelling and music route. I was just introduced to Harpist Deborah Hensen-Conan. Her music is described mostly as Jazz. However, she incorporates celtic music, jazz and storytelling (operattas) together with her singing. I did listen to some clips of her music and I did see her videos on her site. She is out of this world. Quite amazing. She plays the electric harp! But in any case, I really do like this form of music composition if you will, or music creations of storytelling. Eeker Big Grin

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