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Hello Jesse

Your description is correct I think. At least I understand it as you.

I've been away some time...
Here's my guess:

birds must be the word, and from the song called Bonny Portmore

I think I will go back to the original suggestion of this game...
See if you can guess this song:

will find right honour there

Originally posted by Jesse:
do people not like this game anymore?
was I not clear enough?
for those of you who haven't been here (like me), I think what you do is skip a word in a line, and someone has to guess not only what the word is, but what song the completed line is from. for example, if the line was "and...sits my mother the queen" the missing word is "yonder" and the song is The Bonny Swans!(someone please correct me if I'm wrong)

my line, again is "all the forest"
sorry if I've confused you all!