LM & Celebrity Non-Celebrityism

LM has expressed that she does not believe in the cult of celebrity, and further states that "…it is always hard for me to consider myself any different than any other individual in the world making his or her way through this mysterious journey called life. I suppose that this, in itself, may be one thing I would like the public to understand about me."

Wikipedia defines "the cult of celebrity" as: "The widespread interest in arbitrarily famous individuals. The public fascination with…celebrities, though not technically a cult, leads to a level of idolatry. Driven by constant publicity and exposure…the cult of celebrity…is associated with an increased focus on celebrity by the entertainment industry."

I admire LM's attempt to exist simultaneously as both a celebrity and as a regular person. But to what extent does she succeed at being the same as the rest of us? True, we are all equal in our humanness, but the very fact that so many of us enjoy LM's music makes it impossible for her not to be singled out. Therefore, can a celebrity simultaneously be a non-celebrity? Does LM manage to strike a balance between the two?

One author is rather opinionated in her take on this issue: "Celebrities who insist…that they do not court publicity, who try to wrest their private lives from the public gaze on which they are totally dependent, are naive only for failing to realise that this is the balancing-act they are required to perform" (Jacqueline Rose).

What Rose fails to distinguish is that it's not so black-and-white. Celebrities come into their renowned status in different ways and with varying intentions. For example, there is a difference between a famous person who just wants to live for his or her art, and if others like it, great - versus a celebrity who revels in fame and glory. I'm sure it's clear to all of us here on the QR MB which of these two categories LM falls into.

In LM's own words: "I think it is important to continue to live your life according to your values and hopefully who you are will be revealed and stand for itself."


Donna Betts
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