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Originally posted by drdiver:
Certainly if I talk to the average man in the street in Austin, Texas (self proclaimed "Live Music Capital of the World") very few people have heard of her. She could certainly walk the streets of Austin and enjoy complete anonymity. This is not intended in anyway as a putdown, but just an observation of where Celtic music is in the general popularity in the U.S.

Hi drdiver,
While I agree that Austin's musical tastes are very broad and Loreena stands a better chance of being recognized in Stratford than in Austin, I've been surprised by the number of people here who are at least aware of her music, if not her name. Austin has a large celtic music fan base, and more than that, folkies of all stripes, poets, even rockers know of her. The independent record store Waterloo Records had an impressive response for "An Ancient Muse" on the first day of release, and the Austin Chronicle (alternative weekly covering music, art and entertainment) has reviewed McKennitt releases in its most generously glowing terms... (and)
Two of the Chronicle's 8 music reviewers even put "The Book of Secrets" in their top 10 picks for the 1998 year... see

Having an apparent high regard for anonimity myself, I think I could leave her in peace in a private situation. But I'd dearly love to explore her mind in friendship!

All the best to you, and everyone here at QR boards.