Reply to "LM & Celebrity Non-Celebrityism"

I think there's a vast difference between being a "celebrity" and being an "artist," just as there's a difference between Paris Hilton and Audrey Hepburn.

I learned not to confuse the magic with the magician long ago. I also learned that there are some people in this world who get caught up in their own interpretations of a person's performance - or songs - to the point that they project their wants and/or needs onto the other person. They feel an artificial closeness to that person--an intimacy created by the work when the audience responds emotionally.

The problems begin when the celebrity/artist does not share those intimate feelings. How can she? There's one Loreena, there are thousands of us.

What I respond to in Loreena's music has everything to do with:

1. Her talent for touching through her art;

2. My receptivity to that touching.

What I choose to do with the emotional reactions I have to her music is my responsibility. I can turn inward and see what messages my own psyche are trying to send to better my life, or urge me to research Celtic [whatever]... or I can turn outward, project things onto Loreena, and think she, as a "celebrity," has something I want and/or need.

Going inward is the more healthy response. Fame creates that false intimacy for some people, and things can get really scary from there. Someone once told me you don't value your privacy until you lose it and can't get it back. Famous writers can choose not to put their photos on the backs of their books; musicians and actors haven't that luxury.

Just my 25p.