Reply to "LM & Celebrity Non-Celebrityism"

Hello messageboard folk.

As you can appreciate, I am not able to spend as much time on the message board as I would prefer, but I did want to clarify something which came up in this thread.

I read with some concern the comments from a few of individuals who sought to get an autograph following concerts last year and were unable to.

Firstly, I'd like to appologise for whatever your experience was which lead to your disappointment and frustration. Additionally, if you would still like something signed, please contact me at the Quinlan Road address and I would be delighted to sign something for you.

With regards to last year's tour, in fact there was only one date in the whole of last year's North American tour that I was unable to sign autographs after the concert, and that was Detroit. Following all other concerts, I made my way to the stage door area to sign and in some instances I met with and signed for well over 200 people before travelling overnight to our next city.

Clearly however , and regretably ,it sometimes takes a considerable amount of time for me to make my way out of the theatre.

In the program notes when I mention friends, family, business associates this is truly the case and sometimes there is a great number of them including family and friends of band and crew etc, as well as record company, retail, radio folk.

In addition to this, it is not uncommon that there are dignitaries and special situations which involve individuals with handicaps or special considerations for me to meet. Last year there were a number of occasions on which I met a larger number of PBS donors following the concert which was part of their package following their donation.All of the above mentioned poeple would have been on a list for which they would be issued backstage passes. It simply is not realistic to accomodate the whole audience backstage for security and loadout reasons.And sadly, I cannot meet with everyone at once.

What I can assure you, I was always very aware that there could be people waiting outside for me and did what I could do to ensure that they were communicated with and assured I would be to them as soon as I possibly could.

Unfortunately, every evening is a unique experience in a new venue with new people running it. My team is instructed to treat the public with great appreciation and care. However, at each venue we are also working with local crew etc. Some of those individuals have a great appreciation for the public, others tend to treat the public, well, rather casually. For that I am truly sorry.

You must know , that one of the greatest pleasures I get out of touring is actually meeting you.It is not always easy and especially for many of you when you are left waiting and wondering, sometimes in most unpleasant weather, for a very long time after a concert, not knowing for sure I will appear.

Given that we have another tour coming up this summer, please know I will be making every effort to meet with as many of you as I can whenever that is humanly possible. The bets thing I can suggest is inquire at the QR merchandise stand and they will advise and assist you as best they can.

Please be reminded though, that some of these summer concerts in Europe can begin rather late, and we must bear in mind what is reasonable for everyone.

I hope this clarifies things a bit . I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your support as well as your feedback, including any critical comments which in turn offers me an opportunity to address or respond to them.

I do look forward to meeting as many of you as I can this summer and thanks again for your input here.

Warm regards,