Reply to "LM & Celebrity Non-Celebrityism"

Originally posted by GatoCat:
Don't talk to me about the cult of celebrity. But then, I guess it's simple economics...

I understand your disappointment and I’m aware this is a tough issue, particularly because it involves your feelings and expectations, but I don’t agree with your strict conclusions about Loreena.

That QR is based on economics is not anything new to anyone, it’s not a secret that Loreena runs a business and that most of her working decisions are linked to financial reasons. We pay a ticket to attend a concert, we pay for every item at the merchandise stand, we pay for a cd or dvd in stores; there’s a QR shop on her website to give anyone worldwide the chance to purchase her goods. This is economics, but NOT celebrity; economics doesn’t imply her lack of sensitivity or of consideration and gratitude towards her fans who love and support her. My experience is proof of that and I’d like to tell it. At the beginning I preferred not to tell my “little”, lovely story, but now I think I owe that to Loreena.
Some months ago I wrote to QR to ask the staff for a Stratford postcard, as I collect postcards from all over the world and never got any from Canada. Stratford is where Loreena resides, as you know, and so I liked the idea to have a pic of her hamlet. A few weeks later I was sent an email to let me know that Loreena herself signed a postcard for me and “she was happy to do so”, as Robin told me. Leaps and tears of joy. I couldn’t believe it!! Obviously it was a great surprise. I didn’t have her autograph. After a week I got her postcard. This is neither economics, nor celebrity, but a simple gesture of kindness, which is often so rare if someone is really a celebrity: what a labour to get down from that so high pedestal just to sign a postcard for someone totally unknown she will never meet with in her life – and of course about that I hope not, however. But she did and I appreciated so much!

And then…Loreena is not that fat guy, she is not at fault if he behaved in a bad manner. She would have never done.

Loreena, I know you needn’t my help and support, but I was pretty keen to say that. Thanks once again and sorry… if my English is a bit unsteady.