2015- Where In The World Is Loreena (a performance question)

Is the performance in New York later this year ( http://www.bing.com/events/sea...tid=%22f102587557%22] ) Loreenas' only performance for 2015? I'm not seeing ANY performance information on the website. Is this event really taking place?

 If this is her only event for the year, could someone with her crew please verify, that way, I can purchase my tickets now. 

 If there are other performances for her this year, no matter where in the world they may be, please let me know. I'd love to see her this year-at the Parthenon-under the stars. Imagine the energy... Besides, an extraordinary artist deserves an extraordinary venue. I know we agree.

  If I must see her in New York I will, but I'd like to know my options.

 Where in the world is Loreena McKennitt (going to perform)?      


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I think you have to give time to time! The event, may is planned for october....5 months from now. There will be a special announcement next week....so maybe is a new tour in USA. If the show is confirmed, you are notificed and you will find it on her official site when it's time to advise people. Same thing for other performances. Don 't be in a hurry!! You won't get anything being in such a hurry.

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