A poem for Loreena to say thank you!

The Search

I was in search of a song
that sings the joy of blue skies
to dispel the gloom of darkness and
the despair of old sad scars.

You went off in search of a song
across the seas, over the mountains
to a land where the old tribes
made sense of the mystery of life
in a ritual of song and dance.

I was in search of a song
to take me to an elven ring
deep in the dark forest and
teach me hidden wisdoms.

You went off in search of a song
across the seas, along overgrown footpaths
to old manuscripts and broken artefacts
to share the wisdom of life and the gods
in a ritual of song and dance.

I was in search of a song
You went off in search of a song
And we met each other in
A Midwinter Night's Dream
We feasted on mystic melodies
We became drunk on love of lyrics
And danced to the rhythms
of the ritual of music that
was, is and will be.

- Riana Venter -
22 November 2009
Original Post
Thank you, Loreena's music is an inspiration. Art is like a dialogue or dance between the artist and the need of the audience. When these two join hands in rapport, well then you have one of those treasured perfect moments in time. People debate whether "love at first sight" is possible but I can firmly state "love at first listening" is very much possible and real. I have been in love with LM music since I heard it the first time.
Originally posted by Anxious 2:
Hi Riana

That is a nice poem

I like the way you switch between "I was" and "You went". And then finally the two meet.

By the way
Welcome to the board. Smiler
Hope you'll be fine here and have a good time.


The very first song of hers that I heard was The Lady of Shalott and then I bought The Visit. I believed it was a feat that could not be repeated till I listened to
The Mask and the Mirror, learned that it could be done. Then I bought both The Mask and the Mirror and
The book of secrets. And you know when people say I will grab this or that when my house starts burning, my LM CD's will be among my first priorities after the pets.

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