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The Amazon chat has come and gone; was anyone else as 'lost' there as I felt? I didn't understand if box #2 where folks were chatting amongst themselves had anything to do with what Loreena might address, as to our questions. I was confused when I saw 429 or so people signed into the chat, but only 73 or so in the chat box #2. So I thought, what's the deal here?

Was there supposed to be some way to submit a question directly without trying to put it into that box #2, where the chatting was going on? I believe I didn't do mine correctly, but I did make an attempt.

Did anybody else have trouble with the sound quality? I could make out the questions being read to Loreena pretty well, but unfortunately, I could only understand about half of what she was saying in reply. It sounded as though her microphone may have been out of kilter. Perhaps Quinlan Road will make a printed copy of the chat for us to read...I hope? Smiler

It seemed as though a lot of ground got covered and for that I truly thank Loreena for agreeing to do this chat. figure out just exactly what all she actually said... Wink

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Hi Jeanne,
I'm another one who felt completely lost tonight Confused. I believe my question has never got to Loreena, as I wrote it in the right-hand chat window, even more than once, but suppose that wasn't the right place. That was a chat among fans. So, I haven't understood yet where I should have posted my messages Frowner. About sound, Mark's voice was extremely clear, unlike Loreena's,but I got enough,given that then I don't understand all in spoken English...a transcript would be, however, very appreciated, just to recapture all I missed---at 2:00 a.m. my brain was going on strike.
If the video has been recorded, it might be left available on the site for us and also for those who didn't have the chance to join tonight!? Smiler
Eventually, aside from the fact that in this chat we saw Loreena and it was magic, the last year chat was better in any sense, and was easier to realize how it worked. So, next time I advise the other kind of chat, as the layout I mean, plus the webcam for Loreena like this time.
Chat box no. 2? Yes, I were in that one... Our questions never got through. It seems that the people who joined later were sent to the 2nd one. Only people in chat no. 1 got to ask questions, Loreena answered only one from our room then the chat ended. I were a bit dissapointed, but hearing her voice was great anyway, and I still learnt something new about her tours and such. Frowner
Originally posted by Betty:
freesoul ma ce l'hai fatta o no? io ho provato non capivo nulla...
freesoul have you send your mail?

Ti avevo scritto in Pre-Chat Thoughts...
Comunque no, non credo che Loreena abbia ricevuto la mia domanda

I had already written in Pre-Chat Thoughts...
Anyway, no, I don't believe Loreena got my question
I thought the whole thing went off pretty well. Mark must have had some ability to "transcript" the questions as they were coming in because they were coming in pretty fast and he was able to read questions that had already scrolled off. I got one question in but it was skipped. That's all right. I didn't really want to ask Loreena any questions anyway. It was enough just watching her talk. She's a heck of a nice lady. Thanks Loreena & Mark (you should have stuck your face in the camera when she introduced you...I would have) for a very pleasant 30 minutes...
As most of the QR members have deducted by now, is that the Amazon Chat was being supported by "Ustream". Below is a link explaining what it's all about.

UStream is a very large network comprising of viewers as well. One doesn't have to be signed in to see 'Live' shows going on. Which accounts for the number of 'viewers' that were actually able to see Loreena talking.

All one had to do was click on the 'Amazon' screen, which would have led the folks to the UStream area.

Personally, I didn't have any trouble seeing, or listening to what Loreena was explaining. I think she articulated herself very well. Questions were flying in from every direction, so I can only assume that Mark had to quickly look and grab reasonable questions as they were incoming quite fast. Not an easy task.

QR has the option to take that stream and post it here afterwards if they so wish, but first UStream would have to release it. Time will tell.

Hope this helps to quell some of the questions that have arisen.

Kind regards,
I enjoyed the chat very much, though I didn't understand very much of it.
Not only couldn't I hear... The pixels were very big (or maybe it's just my puters solution that's bad) but I couldn't see what she said either! Definitely not easy for a hearing-impaired...
But I did feel the mood! Big Grin

Dear Loreena

Thank you very much.
I'm very impressed that you do take some time to "nurse" us, your fans. And in particularly on your holiday! Extremely remarkable.

Anxious 2 think the most sincere thoughts...
I wasn't there for the video chat so maybe my comments have no basis, but this pertains to a more global sense of a computer chat vs. a video chat.

I'd be interested after reading some of the confused or negative reviews in finding out if people would prefer a video vs. a regular chatroom chat with Loreena. Ideally I'd like to know QR's feedback on this since it is QR facilitating this whole thing. I guess the thing that confuses me most (again, I wasn't there) is the reports that people were asking Loreena personal questions during the chat. If Mark were monitoring what questions were coming in (as people were writing them in), didn't Mark have the discretion not to read Loreena what some of the more personal questions were? Was this not the case? I think it was a little different with the text chat last year as people were writing in comments all throughout the chat with little moderation beforehand. Perhaps a solution beforehand should be that anyone who wants to ask Loreena a question should put their questions on a thread in the forum here and then QR can cull out what they can answer in the amount of time Loreena has, and viewers can tune in to watch Loreena's little video and half of the glitches and confusion will be amended.

I appreciate that Loreena is trying to do this and I'm glad to hear reports that people were able to get something good out of it even with the glitches. Anyway, what I posted were just thoughts. I'm sure QR is working out the kinks for the next chat and maybe has already straightened it out.

Hi there,

The picture quality looked like a mosaic painting. Loreena was a moving mosaic painting. The sound quality was pretty good on my end. It was nice to communicate with you all there. That was my first time ever, participating in a live chat. Did you get a chance to see the little video she had done by Barnes & Noble? You have to take a look. That's a nice one.
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Hi Celtickat,

I know what you mean about some of what was happening during the chat. We all typed our questions in the box 2. I got into the chatroom about 15 minutes earlier. There were already members there. It could be that some of the members who entered early, had entered their questions. It was a bit challenging,typing one's questions while listening to Loreena. Hopefully we will have a chance to do this again.

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