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I bought this cd last Wednesday 12 March 08 and I've had it on repeat when I'm at home, I love all the selection, but if I have to choose one out of them it'd be Trk 4: The English Ladye & The Knight, it sounds as though Loreena has Angels singing with her! I live in Great Britain and won't be able to attend the new concerts so I hope another DVD will be available after them!
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Sorry I've not replied but had lots of problems connecting to the internet and very soon will loose it! I have the Visit, Book of Secrets and the mask & mirror, I love them all! I bought the visit when Bonny Portmore was used in Highlander 3, then I was delighted to find at the end of a film called 'Jade' they'd used Loreenas 'The Mystic's Dream' all her music captures the essence of history & mythogy, for me anyway, such a pleasure the listen to! Yours HJ

It can be such a communication-killer not being able to get on the net.
But what will you do when you've lost the internet connection?

I'm amazed how many new releases and announcements of releases there are this summer.
The Lady McK sure knows how to keep her "followers" busy. Big Grin thihi

Well it's good that you're back HJ.


I've set up a hotmail account so i'll be able to collect post from a cybercafe or similar! Yes! Loreena is very busy, I still hope they manage a dvd set for the new concert, it'd be a addition to her collection! Which other cds have you?

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