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Hello everyone! I've just finished reading the transcription of the chat session that took place in February with Loreena. Many thanks to the powers that be for putting up this transcription online Smiler. I'm sorry i couldn't take part to this new and interesting experience due to very serious health problems. I don't want to give details but when this chat session was going on i was in hospital (i spent 5 weeks there), with no music at all but hopefully with books! More than once i dreamed of running away and visiting new places, discovering new cultures, hearing other languages. I would like to ask you (QR fellows, our moderators and also Loreena of course if she reads this) a question regarding "other" ways of travelling, more precisely through books. Not everybody has the means to undertake trips, so i would like to know what books would you recommend me, books that make one travels i mean? Asking you this has just made me realize that maybe travelling can only be defined as an action, a physical way to experience through our senses and body Confused. I've always thought that we can travel thanks to books and music as well. Sorry about the confusion, maybe i should ask you first your definition of travelling.

I do hope though that you will indicate me some good books that made you forget where you were and took you to the place(s) described in the story Cool!

Thank you very much in advance!
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Hi Annabel Smiler
In the Autumn 2005 I realized my dream trip to Jerusalem. Impressions of the trip exceeded all my expectations. Many travelers have experienced the same. Many of them have written their impressions. I would like to recommend you two books in your French language: ‘Itineraire de Paris a Jerusalem’ by Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand and ‘Souvenirs, impressions, pensees et paysages pendant un voyage en Orient 1832-1833 ou Notes d’un voyageur’ by Alphonse de Lamartine. You’ll travel with distinguished companion across 19th century Europe (Greece, Spain, Venice, Constantinople) and Egypt, Cartagena and of course Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jaffa. Your trip will be exciting. Enfin je te souhaite bonne sante!Warm greetings from Poland.
I would recommend you: "Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist In Andalucia" by Chris Stewart. In Spanish the title is :"Entre limones: historia de un optimista".
Reading it, you can know the remote "Alpujarras" a zone which time ago was difficult to reach because it's in the South slope of "Sierra Nevada" Granada, the second highest hill of Spain.
An Englishman in the remote Spanish countryside who gives up the comfort of the city to look for a place where life is just enjoy Nature, moreover it's a funny book.
Chris Stewart was the drummer of "Genesis", Peter Gabriel's band.
I read the whole book in three days. I enjoyed a lot.
Dear Jolanta and Airish (Laura & Jose), thank you VERY much for your reading suggestions Smiler!

Jolanta, thank you for sharing your great (and vivid) memories of your trip to Jerusalem. What a thing it must be to find yourself in such a peculiar place.
Of course Chateaubriand!!! I can't believe i haven't even thought about it, silly me Razzer! I will read it and also Lamartine's Souvenirs. Thanks for these suggestions and your kind words in french. Wish i knew how to say all this in polish.

Airish, thank you to you too for your suggesting Chris Stewart's book. It sounds interesting and fun at the same time, so i hope i will find his book translated, and if not maybe i'll find it in english.

Have a nice weekend Jolanta, Airish and all from the QR MessageBoards.

I am a writer. Whenever I write about a particular place in the world or in my imagination, I feel like I am already there. So, I travel with my writing. I hope that when my works get published, they are going to these place themselves and...they are in for a thrill ride!

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