Blu-Ray planned?


does anyone know whether there is an HD version on Blu-Ray of the concert planned or maybe even already scheduled for release?

It has already a great quality on DVD but I can imagine it will be awesome in HD.

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I totally agree. I am really looking forward to a Blu-Ray release of Nights at the Alhambra. Especially well done with full 1080p HD and lossless DTS-HD MA (preferably 7.1) audio would give an even better presentation of the concert than the DVD already does. It would be a first day buy for me.
I bought the concert a while ago and never get tired of watching it. I love so much this concert that I reauthored the DVD, made myself a transcription with the audio with commentaries and made a new one, with new menus for my enjoyment every now and then. Loreena is the type of soul that pays real attention to the details, I would not do different in this case.

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