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Very careful to the members of the forum, that you do not know. Do not give personal info in private message or in e mails..!

Anyone,not just fans are registered in the forum..So be careful !!!



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Thanks for that message!
I felt intuitively that it was out of character that someone named Monica
would send me her personal email and state she had important info but not

On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 9:27 AM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

I got that same e-mail from Monica and since have to acknowledge that it was quite A sob story. She stated that she needs access to her money and if I would help her. I gave my phone # in case it wasn't A scam. Then got An e-mail on my personal web site. A large sum of money to transfer and then I would transfer back. I Just wished her well and gave her the web site to Lovejoyhospice in case it was legitimate. But you would think in Cambodia they would have an Embassy she could find help there.

The burning question(s): Who is Monica Weah? Is she for real and just part of some evil scheme to coax even the most clever of users into something wild and despicable that is taking advantage of its victims?  We need to find the truth and because "truth will set you free" (John 8:23).

She sent me some pictures of her in the Hospital and I was sent account info plus an oversea phone number. Reality me trying to except money into my personal account from A foreign source made me suspect laundering. So I ignored it and went back to writing. I thought A minute and went back to her e-mail she sent. All the info was gone, so then being left with her e-mail I sent her the hospice web address. Sob story about husband,daughter and not being able to access money inherited. Get A manager in the country. I hope She is well God Bless.

Got to thinking about Monica and the internet connection from Cambodia. If they are able to reach USA via internet then She should have no problem finding A Bank money manager or A Hospice. Weighing the evidence I'm sure it was A scam. Although I remember the Boat people back in the 90's trying to escape from their.That makes it possibly A cry for help. Weah anchor get ready to embark on voyage, Monica could be trying to tell us something. Although if that's the case she would be wiser to find someone in the Coast Guard.

Hmmm. I wonder if this community forum's version of a prank call. When I was growing up, I was told that prank calls are not okay and that one could into trouble. This "Monica" person is doing just that through the Internet. I may never know what that person is up to, but my guess is that Mark himself might know. What do you think, Mark? Is there really a Monica Weah registered here in this forum or is this a kind of spam or troll like those so-called "advertisers" for New Balance shoes or sports jerseys that may or may not exist? 

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