Celtic Footprints Audio Survey

First of all, Hello to you all at Quinlan Road !

-I would love a souvenir of this Celtic Footprints tour so, I'm very interested !

-The whole concert in a 20 tracks CD set would be great for everyone. ( the great Spered Hollvedel and Morrison's Jig included) Especially for those who were not able to attend.

-But personally, I would love to be included a Bonus CD (in a collector edition maybe?) with Never released songs, early songs etc - If ever written and recorded - That would fit into the Celtic Footprints spirit and "return to the roots" of the last studio album. That would be a great treat for fans and an opportunity to release new stuff.

- I know QR is reasonable with its prices, and sells its items at a fair price.

-I would prefer a manufactured CD Box set with if possible liner notes and photographs. I love to own CDs and hold them and we can always have the digital version by putting the CD into the computer or buying on the Maple Music site or other.

Thank you for asking us,
I'm new on this forum and have little experience with forums
like this. So, must I delete your message (like now) when I want to reply? Or, what should I do?

My answer to your Celtic Footprints audio survey:
Please make certainly a CD/DVD of the whole concert. The Alhambra concert is still one of my favorite concert DVD's.
I'm sure you'll make a excellent record at a reasonable price ( as you always do ). And yes, I will buy it.
Give me again goosebumps when I see "parting glass"...

Thanks for your help, replying my request.
Yours truly,
Hej Mark,
I attended the concert i Hamburg and it was a wonderful experiance hearing Ms McKennitt and her musicians live! I would appreciate a manufactured CD with a booklet with pictures and some explanation about the songs. Even if some of the songs already can be found on other albums, every concert is special and i would prefer to hear the whole concert with the Loreley included on a CD or a DVD.
Thank you for asking! Smiler
I Mark and thank you for this opportunity Smiler

How many people would be interested in such a recording and if so why,… if not, why not?
- I would be really interested about a new live project for "Celtic Footprints Tour". It was my thirt Loreena's show and it was the BEST show I saw (good set list, goog lights, good performances!!). I was in Rome.

Would you prefer the whole concert (20 tracks) or just highlights (10 tracks) and at what price?
I would prefer the whole concert. It has a different magic and a complete show is always good to have. Hope to heard "Huron Beltane Fire Dance" and "The Parting Glass"
About a highlights recording I would be less interesting.

Would you prefer digital-only and for what price?
No. I would prefer a CD with a booklet, pictures and liner notes Smiler
The price? The right price for a double cd. Quinlan Road has always put on sale recordings at the right price Smiler

I really would prefer a DVD recording of this show. Alhambra was a perfect show but now, after 5 years, I hope to get another live DVD and I think this celtic footprints tour could be the best occasion. The set list...the lights...the musicians ALL PERFECT!!

I ask one more thing (important): please, don't cut Loreena while she is explaining the songs before to play them. It is so good to heard she talking about her songs, her life, or just to say thank you.
On the live cd of Alhambra and the last live recording I didn't like to heard just music with Loreena's talks cut!

Thank you!! Smiler
We, a Dutch couple, joined the Florence (IT) concert and would love a full concert DVD ( realizing that this survey is actually about audio (CD)).
We hope that there is footage to produce such a wonderful memory of the great time we had recently, in visiting Loreena & band in Firenze.

here's another thought: regardless of whether or not there will be a CD release how about offering whole concert sets for sale as digital-only? So everyone could buy and download 'their' particular gig (and buy the CD as well, of course... Smiler ).

This obviously would depend on how many complete gigs you guys recorded.

so nice to actually be asked what we would like !!
typical i think of loreena and her quinlan road ethos.
a cd produced with any combination of tracks is sure to be on my wants list.
and of course a dvd is always welcome.
needless to say QR product prices are always reasonable
i was enthralled at the barbican concert on april 05 and look forward to reliving the experience whatever item is produced.
Hi everybody,
I saw Loreena's concert in Nuremberg last month and enjoyed it very much. I wouldn't buy another CD though, because almost all the songs are included in CDs I already have.
For me, a live performance is something unique and very special, and its ephemeral nature is part of the precious experience. I think we can't and shouldn't try to preserve everything that touches us and repeat it again and again until we get tired of it. The Alhambra concert is different for me: during my study time, I spent half a year in Granada and I would have loved to attend Loreenas performance (I couldn't, I live in Germany). Her music and the Alhambra venue are such a perfect match and I'm happy I could participate at least by watching the DVD.
But in my opinion, making a CD or DVD of every concert would be to much. I think it would be better to offer all or part of the recordings for downloading, so interested people could buy whichever track they want.

Kind regards, hope to see Loreena again when she comes to Germany
Let's see...

I couldn't attend a concert ever, but would love to if Loreena could come to Brazil someday.

About live recordings, I do really love them when they come in two ways: Live show video and, as a bonus, the soundtrack.

As an example, Nights from the Alhambra concert would fit perfectly as a recording in my humble opinion and would made even greater if it could come with the show in video AND audio. Also, noticed that this one was recorded in HD standard quality, there is some possibility of releasing this one in blu-ray format?

I'd love to improve a coming one with subtitles, cause Loreena has many fans across the world and they have many languages alike.

As an collector, I'll always prefer the 'real' one, but digital release is always well welcomed.

As I said, if I'm able to afford it, would have all the albuns manufactured in CD format, but not all of them was released in my country.
Hi Mark,

I was in a concert of the Celtic footprints tour, in Zaragoza.

I would love to see a manufacturated CD of this tour. It is true that there are others live CDs and many of the songs are in them as well. But this tour included some new songs that were not recorded in live before (I can´t wait to listen again the live version of "As I roved out") and it also surprised us with some duets of Caroline and Loreena, which gave a new and special touch to some old songs.

I would prefer to have the whole concert and not just some highlights.
Did you attend a concert on the Celtic Footprints tour in the spring of 2012?

Yes, we attended the Brussels concert.

How many people would be interested in such a recording and if so why,… if not, why not?
Would you prefer the whole concert (20 tracks) or just highlights (10 tracks) and at what price?

I would prefer the whole concert. As others have mentioned, it would be better to have the full concert. What made this concert special is the inclusion of instrumental parts (I thought it was a very clever way to give the voice a bit of a rest too). In addition the duets where Caroline Lavelle were an excellent idea and added to a fine concert experience.

Would you prefer digital-only and for what price?

I would prefer a CD. Real fans are often also collectors...

Would you prefer a manufactured CD and for what price?

Therefore, a manufactured CD, perhaps with a little booklet. Loreena is good at writing stories... perhaps a bit of a travel log, or something of these parts, not already included on studio CDs.
It is nice to read that 'everything at QR is reasonable priced'. The reality is that on-line most music rarely exceeds $ 15, perhaps a bit more for a double CD (which the 20 tracks would require).

I certainly would buy the full concert.

  • Did you attend a concert on the Celtic Footprints tour in the spring of 2012?

Yes (Frankfurt)

  • How many people would be interested in such a recording and if so why,… if not, why not?

I would be interested in such a recording.

It wasn't clearly stated here whether a single set (such as for example Paris & Toronto) would be done or whether a separate set for each of the venues would be done.

If there would be "only" one set (regardless of from a single show or mixed from different shows) I would definitely get it.

If there was a separate set for each show, the one I went to would be on the list, and possibly more than that as well. Depending on variances in the set list (if any, haven't checked), and - of course - the pricing.

  • Would you prefer the whole concert (20 tracks) or just highlights (10 tracks) and at what price?

Definitely the whole concert. QR pricing is always reasonable, so if you don't change being reasonable that's fine.


  • Would you prefer digital-only and for what price?

Digital only sounds as a valid option for getting a separate set for each show, especially if it would be possible to get single tracks as well (I know, out of context...), eventually to listen to any tracks not on the set list of the venue I went to myself.


  • Would you prefer a manufactured CD and for what price?

A manufactured CD would be the best option if it is "one set per tour" and not "one set per show". Pricing - again, QR standards are fine here.


Dear everyone,

Thank you all so much for your invaluable input regarding the proposed audio recording of The Celtic Footprints. We have taken everything you have shared with us into consideration and have found it immensely helpful.

We will continue to review and refine the exact way this music will be released and we will be sure to let you know if and when that happens.

Thank you again for taking the time to assist us.

Originally posted by Betty:
Dear Lory, I hope it comes out the end of the year would be a nice gift! one of many that you have already done to us in these years!
Betty Smilersee you in Cambridge!!!

even earlier than the end of the year Big Grin, please!
Good luck for the next week concerts Smiler...it'd be nice to be there! Lucky you, Betty Smiler
Originally posted by Betty:
speriamo bene freesoul! a proposito tutto ok con terremoti vari???

ogni tanto si sente il letto che vibra, tipo ieri mattina, ma credo fossero scosse di piccola entità. Quando la magnitudo ha toccato i 5 e più in Emilia Romagna, allora anche qui ci si è spaventati un po', per es. le scuole sono state evacuate. Tutto sommato, però, siamo abbastanza lontani, quindi siamo piuttosto tranquilli. Te sei vicina a Mirandola e dintorni?
I'm very sad about this! :'( I really really hoped a live recording of this tour....celtic footprints tour has been the best that I've seen.
In my mind I was imagining a double live recording with the highlights of the Celtic footprints tour and A midsummer nights tour.

Hope quinlanroad will think back and will release this recording..on cd or mp3 Smiler

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