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After nearly having a meltdown bc PBS altered the schedule for Saturday at the last minute, and then broadcasting LM's concert under the guise of Celtic Woman, I was able to record the concert on my boyfriend's DVR recorder.

What a beautiful concert. I would love to visit the Alhambra now. The entire presentation with Loreena's speaking parts reminded me of No Journey's End, and once again the concert was near spotless. The lighting was beautiful, the musicians were in their element, the audience was captivated - just like I know the concerts in the tour will be. I also enjoyed the selection of music. She Moved Through the Fair, Stolen Child, Raglan Road - some of the most beautiful renditions I've ever heard live.
Her voice is in such top form. Personally, I did notice she dropped a note in Dante's Prayer in the "please remember me" refrain, and Lady of Shalott and Penelope's Song were a bit on the slower sadder side. I could see the emotion in Loreena's face, and it will be interesting to see how this translates live.

I wasn't too sure about the drum set - this is definitely a new direction she's taken for tour music.

The interview sections were hilarious, especially reading what previous people had posted from earlier broadcasts. My boyfriend was really astounded in the one interviewer telling Loreena to explain the real reason they were there - as if to say enough about the explanation of the music, why does PBS want money? I think she handled it with more grace and finesse than I probably would've in that situation.

I can not wait to buy this DVD when the tour comes to Chicago. What a wonderful performance by all - the band, the crew, Loreena. Bravo!
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I recorded the showing on Tuesday I think, it was under "Great Performances" on PBS as well. It's on my DVR for eternity now, and I agree that the concert was spotless.
Also noticed the dropped note, however cant remember what song, and it goes unoticed unless you have a music background or trained years I'd say, so no biggie.
I personally enjoyed the drum set as well, if fits well with some of the songs on the set.
Already got my tickets for the Chicago concert, and if the one here is at least 50% of what the one in Spain was, I would be 100% satistied.
Till we meet again...
Does anyone know if it will be broadcast again on PBS in Chicago? I was so ticked that Sat. night when I realized that I'd set up my VCR for nothing. I only caught the last few minutes of Loreena and that was because I just by chance turned on the TV. I don't trust TV guides, print or online, anymore! Frowner
My advice to you is to go to, type in your zipcode to get WTTW, and then it should tell you when it is coming up. Granted that Celtic Woman has been broadcast a billion times in Chicago, one can hope that they do a fraction of that for Loreena.

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