Concert in Leipzig / Setlist and VIP-Experience (SPOILER)

Hi, I went to the concert in Leipzig on April 1st. Three hours before the show I joined the VIP group, which was a wonderful experience. Loreena explained to us what a soundcheck is and how acoustics work in a concert hall. Then we attended the soundcheck, which was funny. I was surprised how serious everybody was. They argued about "who plays what" in "Emigration Tunes". After that Loreena took us behind the stage and answered a few questions for us and we got the vinyl set signed. I personally got my "The Visit" signed too, because I still have the old layout version and it was the first album of Loreena I ever heard. I asked Loreena about her ukelin (feat on Moon Cradle, Breaking The Silence and Courtyard Lullaby). She laughed about it and said that it hangs on the wall in her studio. Maybe we will hear it again soon Oh yeah, Loreena will be recording songs in June and August and her plan is to release a new record around spring 2018.

Unfortunately the concert dissapointed a little. She left out all the specials: No Samhain Night, no Annachie Gordon, no trio version of Mummer's Dance. But the narration of her journal entries was great. Loreena was ill on this concert, which didn't harm that much. She's tough. But I guess that is the reason why she left out the long songs (no Shallot this time...) and high pitched notes (Tango without vocals)

The Set List

Stolen Child / Bonny Portmore / Between The Shadows / Penelope's Song / Morisson's Jig / Wind that Shakes the Barley / Down by the Sally Gardens / Emigration Tunes / Lark in the clear air / Tango to Evora (no voice).


Bright May Morning / The Dark Night of the Soul / unknown instrumental / All Soul's Night / In France (new song) / The Old Ways / Dante's Prayer


Never-ending Road / Cymbeline

I hope I remembered the second part correctly.


(Songs that deserve a place in a performance: Standing Stones / Skellig (again) / English Lady and the Knight (without choir and viols, but a differently rendered version) 






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