Disappointed with new Album information

The music is perfection. Let me get that straight.

But a BIG part of enjoying LM's music is all the thought and research she puts into it, and how she relates that in her album covers. Lyrics, history, explanations of the songs. It's what I look forward to!

I got my CD today by post and there is nothing. It's exactly like the digital booklet on the download. A quote in many languages. Okay. Great, you wanted to get back to your roots. We get that.

Half the fun of a new LM album is reading about her love of the music she's making. Now it's just a huge let down.

I know I'm not the only one disappointed, either.
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I must agree with you (I didn't see the Booklet yet, but I have the downloaded one), I wanted to read the explanations of the songs. Frowner

The Booklet is the reason why I prefer to buy the cd and not only the music (mp3).

But fortunately it has something: 2 pictures of Loreena (I missed it in two albuns: "An Ancient Muse" and "A Midwinter Night's Dream"). Big Grin Big Grin
I agree with you, however I still prefer the cd recording because it´s such a good value at Quinlan shop and it always adds a little something to the music, even though I would have liked at least the lyrics to have been included. On the other hand, we are graced with a vinyl edition which I also ordered and I am quite looking forward to.

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