Disappointed with Quinlanroad

I'm a little disappointed. I do not understand why so late for my country and for the other countries (more than two months late, January) . In Spain Loreena is beloved and successful. I do not understand this little punishment against us and that Loreena decided to do this.
Her music is so beautiful and will buy the album, but I do not understand it Frowner
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Hey Lloira,
I understand your disappointment, but I don't think the 2-month delay in Spain and other European countries including mine is due to QR or Loreena's choice. Rather the international distribution is served by other local labels such as Verve music Group, Keltia music, SPV and Universal Music. So I suppose it's just their fault Frowner. No punishment, though Big Grin.
Out in England on 24 January. So I ordered it from QR. I hope it comes soon. I got the MP3 download and love it.

Different and with new tracks !! No outstanding masterpieces this time but still beautiful and moving music.

Perhaps you can get a CD direct from Canada, my order appears to have worked, at least I've not had bad news yet.
Great News,

Ordered direct from QR and arrived yesterday after @10 days. Cheaper than buying from Amazon too !!

The sleeve is multilingual, has a couple of good pictures of the lovely lady herself, the music is universal.

I can see no reason to have to wait for release in our own countries, just get it from Canada and you get an MP3 download to see you through the long cold nights waiting for the CD.

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