I wanted to know what is the difference beetween "discussion" and "poll" when we click on "new" to create a discussion.

I always chose "discussion" but I wonder what is a poll and what will happen if we chose this?
(and don't answer "this forum will autodestroy itself" Razzer Roll Eyes ! )
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Hi there, Old Elf, Why don't you try it and find out?! Smiler

I think a poll is when you want to ask a question of members, to tally the results... if you chose 'Poll' it gives you a space for your message, the question and a list of possible answers. I've done this on message boards and people will chose their answer and the system will give you the number of people who chose particular responses.

It would work well for questions like: "Do you believe in Elves?" For example. And you could have listed 3 possible answers: "Yes." "No." or "Definatley cause I saw one and it spoke to me."

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