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Hello Jolanta,

I'm presently reading the Chatroom Transcript, and I would like to share that for some reason I've always had an affinity towards/for Russia, from long ago.

I was not in the first chat when Loreena began answering questions, so I missed the opportunity of viewing your questions. I would like to thank you Jolanta, for the information which you've shared about Dante's Prayer and the journey along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

In a way, you've answered for me what I always "sensed". Yes, there have been many tragedies in "Mother Russia", and had even been informed that I had led many past lives there, one where I had starved! Yet, I am still magnetized to this country, as there is much tenacity and 'unspoiled behaviour'. For many not knowing much of Russia's past history, this would probably be a frightening journey for them, but for me, you have in so many ways explained the 'courage' of the Russians, and how strong and fervant they are in their spirit. If you have more of this information, I do invite you to share it if you would like by writing to me at my e-mail address which is provided in my "Profile". Thank you!

And thank you Loreena, for being the conduit!

Warm blessings to you (both),
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