for the next Tour 2011

That would indeed be nice.
And we all would know that the "celts" are from QRMB Big Grin

Originally posted by Betty:
Would be nice to dress up as Celts to create an atmosphere and experience the Time of the Celts ... I am part of a historical group of Celtic, so I have no problem ... sure to dress but the Celtic Sword I leave home!
Bye Betty
Well, since I don't have anything overtly "celtic" in the sense you're describing, I think I'll just stick to an old golf uniform or makeshift Irish dance outfit. I think that would originated in Scotland (Celtic!) and of course Irish dance...that one's pretty obvious, but the costume isn't really. Time to whip out the fabric paint...
And I have a bunch of stuff from my trip to Ireland over the summer...
Hope to see you soon!

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