From Syria

- My dear lady Loreena, 

Greetings and warm regards from Syria.

Your contribution to the human consciousness exceeds the limits of mere music industry, it's something more fundamental, more real. 

I was introduced to your spiritual world since I was a child, so you had a great impact on me, you somehow helped me in each phase of my life. 

Untill we came to this moment, the terrible war that is taking place here, and I was just listening to the last podcast, to you explaining the motive behind (Breaking of the Sword), and I stood speechless. 

You might be addressing The Lost Souls, but -my most beloved lady- you gathered each and every lost soul and united them in a world of your own, a place full of ancient love, long lost legendary compassion of true humanity. 

I dream of meeting you one day, though I know how hard it is for such dream to come true. 

I send my best regards and much respect to you, from Syria. 

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