.....from the start.....

Finally decided to become a member of the site and also share my love for the ethereal music of Loreena.

From the very start when I first heard the haunting and mystical sounds of her music ages ago..... I knew I was instantly home, instantly away..... and instantly hooked.

The places in your soul that her music takes you become a part of your life....a journey that connects you to a broader world and space.  Isn't that really what it is all about?

I have found over the years while I have enjoyed all of her albums/tapes/CDs.... that as I shared them with friends and introduced them to her music ....I would invariably give them away and would have to go and buy the CD again.... Loreena's music is truly a gift worth giving. 

So, so very thankful to be here at this time to totally enjoy her story... her talents and her gifts. Let's be honest...we are all better for having shared this journey so far with her..... 

Carry on, Loreena...... carry on!!











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