Here I found an article (in German) that states that Nights From The Alhalbra apparently went Gold and Loreena was awarded by the record lable SPV in Hannover after the concert. It also says that Alhambra is one of the most successful concert DVD of that lable.

Congratulations, Loreena!

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I came across LM's music, I have many of Enya's CD's which I enjoy, but now I am accumulating quite a collection of Ms Mckennitt's music I have enjoyed Nights from the Alhambra so much, My wife has Alzheimer's so I try to add variety to the "spiritual" playlist, now I have a Lorena McKennitt Playlist, soon I may have all of her music but hope More live preformances will be available. Never ending road, Bonny Portmore, Kellswater, stolen child so much beautiful music it is really difficult to determine which is my favorite. So far I only have 7 CD's and the DVD, I purchased Nights from the Alhambra for a friend as a surprise and hope she enjoys it as much as I do. Thank you for sharing your talent with us George.
Hello! I'm new here. I'm from Germany and love to listen to and play music, I play the piano and the flute. For many years Loreena's "The Mask and Mirror" was all I had and knew of her, then I saw on Youtube that she had done a concert in the Alhambra and since I have loved that palace ever since my childhood, I had to buy the DVD! I have watched it twice now and think it is incredible! All of the musicians are so fantastic, I especially enjoy watching the one who plays several violin solos, I believe his name is Hugh Marsh? You really feel the good atmosphere between the musicians and the songs are even more beautiful and moving live. I would love to know whether Loreena considers giving a concert in the Alhambra again one day. I wrote this question to the website but got no reply. I already knew her music when the concert took place but had no idea she was playing there, I regret missing the concert so much!
Greetings to all who love Loreena's music as much as I do Smiler

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