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I've been somewhat inactive here for a while, so for those who aren't familiar with me: I'm an eccentric Tasmanian troubadour who plays a variety of instruments and has a soft spot for Nordic culture, cats, and chocolate. Like most people everyone here, I'm hugely inspired by Loreena McKennit's music and I'm currently recording an album which features a lot of songs and tunes that you'll all be familiar with, including (I can safely say having just got the green light from the lovely staff at Quinlan Road) my version of her musical setting of Yeats's poem Stolen Child, and a bunch of traditional pieces that Loreena has also covered (mostly to be found on Elemental and The Wind That Shakes the Barley), as well as other folk songs plus some of my own compositions.

As I type, I'm in the final 30 hours of a crowdfunding campaign to finance the album, so if there are any of you reading this who'd love to hear some new arrangements of songs that you love, I'd be thrilled if you would pledge your support to the project (the album budget of course includes royalties for the use of Stolen Child, so by supporting me, you're also supporting Loreena!).

Be aware that this is an ALL-OR-NOTHING campaign - if that target isn't reached by the closing time, everyone will get refunded and there will be no budget for the album at all. Click here to start pledging:

This message board was the first "social media" (if I can use that label) platform that I ever got involved in, and I have many fond memories of interacting with other Loreena enthusiasts during many discussions across a wide range of topics. I've even met one or two of you in person (you know who you are)! I'd be so honoured if any of you wanted to support my music!

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Growing a forest is definitely needed. It is our responsibility, regardless of belief system or political path, to be stewards of Creation. On occasion, Ms. McKennitt would mention, whether in speech or song, about how much she cares for trees and its gradual decimation. The warm months are a good place to start. There are saplings waiting to be planted and become towering wooden giants for the animals to play on and make their homes. We depend on some of them for their luscious, seasonal fruit. We know that they are the ones that provide the natural oxygen for us. The more we grow trees, the better off that we will be.

In speaking of drinks, Wizard, have you tried an Arnold Palmer? It's not that bad. I am also beginning to think about the maple trees in Canada and the sap that comes out of them to produce maple syrup. I should have asked Quinlan Road to sell 100% Canadian maple syrup to help Ms. McKennitt's environment and tree-saving efforts. I bet that any of Ms. McKennitt's fans would like to have that on their tables, especially at breakfast time when the pancakes and the french toast are being served.

I never had that drink whats in it? Yeah Loreenya their are alot of beautiful trees here in Oregon. And it's nice to know that the government here has reforestation contracts, We would climb the tree's and collect their cones before they open and the wind blew the seed. I wonder if they do that anyplace else ? Mt. Shasta was where we were and thats in California. Very different people their kind of like Hippies from the 60's. They say Grace though and have Yahweh as the word for God. I think their is definetly good spirit their.

So, wizard, you asked me what an Arnold Palmer is? An Arnold Palmer is a drink comprised of half lemonade and half iced tea and it is said to be attributed the late golf legend when he sat at a diner and ordered a drink with a mix of lemonade and iced tea. Then, a female customer saw what Palmer had and said, "I would like an Arnold Palmer" and soon afterward, the others wanted to give it a go. It's funny and interesting how people have to name drinks after other notable names, including a tomato juice cocktail that could be easily misattributed to an iconic religious figure when it isn't the case.

Making sense of it all thanks Loreenya, I am going to go to A park named Palmerton Park. It has tree's from all over A Monkey puzzle tree, Chinese Redwood, Oaks, Maples. And so many others they have A map their so people can find them. It is an Arbor Day award winning place. Good day, I should post A picture of some of them.

Loreenya the book you are writing is off to A good start. I have never published A book yet. I have written A few songs that Alanis Moresette has sang. We wrote them together when we were in our teens, "Supposed former infatuation junky" it is nice to see her go places. I got saved along with her by an angel. I know that I just have to allow that amazing grace to work in my life again and God will inspire me to inspire others that want life, liberty, and peace.

I seem to have lost your interest I hope to get the new CD "Lost Souls," and it probalby has guidance, does anyone know what other songs are on it. I'll need to get A player also cause I can only hear it on my computer. I was also thinking about getting A DVD mini series that was on in 1976 called the Bastard it was actually about A Bonnie Swan. He was in Boston and met with Paul Revere in secret, William Shatner was Paul, Making decisions on who they were to remain friends with on the English side.

When I get rolling on A subject it makes me inspired knowing that Loreena has helped me remember things. I got educated in grammar school about American history. We studied about how the Bonnie Swans saved lives by warning the Patriots. News also reached America eventually about Paul Jones breaking his sword and they found John Lee changed his name to John Paul Jones, his father was relieved to find this out. Because his father Henry Lee went to West Point from Richmond Virginia leaving his plantation thinking his son had become A slave trader. He thought that because the flag was being used for that along with his name. Then they started to make changes to make A new one. That rebel flag sure has bad happenings. The new one made by Betsy Ross was designed very well and made to oppose the bad King claim our independence and decree the Constitution, We the People of the United States of America.

Wizard, you have a lot of ideas to share with us in regards history and such. Have you thought about doing a lecture on the subjects you were discussing here on this forum? The other thing is since this about growing a forest and the like, I am thinking about the myth of young George Washington cutting down the cherry tree. This could somewhat connect with McKennitt's concern for the trees through "Bonny Portmore." In the meantime, I hope that the cherries up north are plentiful and good this year.  Are you familiar with the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City? It's a popular annual event in July and folks near and far gather to celebrate the cherry harvest there. That's something for you to consider, should you have nothing else exciting to do. There's whole lot of cherry-picking there--if you get my pun. 

Yeah Loreenya I have been talking about these references about history when I see how they fit into the goings on of today. A few words in A passing conversation but A lecture might be the perfect way to get on track. Their is some  stuff I know that's secret. George Washington left some good influences and that Tree Festival is A cool idea. I went to an apple orchard in Georgetown N.Y., they have A map of seventy different apple trees. We picked them and come to find out he planted some of them. A fun town in the Great Gorge in N.Y. places to visit Amusement Park called Action Park. Back on the subject of Bonnie Swans their was A school teacher from Long Island N.Y. that was one Nathan Hale. He saved George Washington's soldiers by causing A distraction so they could escape. He had some words to say before he died that made the British Soldiers join up with the Patriots. I have only one regret that I only have one life to give for God and my Country. He was A martyr and I'm sure God brings them to heaven, may we meet some of these type's of people in "Heaven on Earth," then we will be stronger and not afraid to face the bad things.

Wizard, there is a farm about north of where I live and it has an apple orchard along with acres of cherries, raspberries, peaches and other fresh produce growing in the fields.  When there is the opportunity, my father and I would go to pick fruit, but usually, that happens every June or early July when it's time to harvest the strawberries. It's amazing what Creation, even with the trees, has to offer in terms of what we humans can consume. I don't know exactly where I can locate a nearby forest of sugar maples and collect the sap for pure maple syrup. 

I  have A strawberry field right south of me with A stand and they are open. Are you up in Canada ? I guess the president is going their tomorrow, their is only one thing I don't like about him stepping out of the worlds environmental problems.Global warming has alot to do with the over cutting down of raiforests in Brazil. I pray God will open his eyes on this concern, other than that hes doing well. Canada has some people who were celibrating the war of 1812 in 2012, thats when they burned down the Whitehouse. And occupied Detroit all because of small pox epidemic, blaming blacks burning homes. Then finally come to find out it was Whaling and oil lamps from their blubber making people sick. Save the Whales is what are Navy did then, people got better we took back our country.






















Per la verità non mi sembra proprio che le cose vadano così bene nel campo foreste.. proprio ieri hanno fatto vedere al telegiornale un Orango tango che difendeva da solo quello che restava del suo abitat, invaso dalle ruspe,per lasciare il posto alle piantaggioni di olio di palma..

Allora dove è l'aiuto per la salvaguardia delle foreste amazzoniche???

I understand about saving the rain forest's in the amazon. That is all though is this Italian ?  Yeah Betty it is A problem that is getting some attention. The trees value are more precious than raising cattle. They are teaching them how to use their land conservatively. And have found some rare plants, flowers, berry's, animals that are endangered. This will provide A better income for them by keeping the forest also because of their medicinal properties. So the pharmacy company's hire workers to grow the plants and they are finding it to be better than removing the tree's. Keep the faith God bless the Loreenakateers.

It's a good thing that some companies are open to environmental stewardship and responsibility. That is what God wants us all to do. When it comes to trees and environment, the Colonel seems to be quite the activist. It is a stark contrast to the intention behind Enya's "The Memory of Trees." Still, "The Visit" and "The Memory of Trees" both focus on the connection between trees and Celtic mythology.  

Torno a ribadire la foresta amazzonica è a rischio, ogni giorno vengono abbattuti centinaia di alberi per lasciare posto alle piantaggioni.. e non mi sembra che i governi facciano poi così tanto per la salvaguardia di quello che è in fondo il polmone verde del pianeta..

I know Loreenya it is good to see that their are people who care. On facebook their is A page, "Save the Redwoods," it has some good influence. Many close calls and people were prepared to do just that. When you hike through them you feel like your in Jurassic Park. I slept their overnight it was refreshing waking up seeing A Blue Heron fly overhead. It made A loud noise, I thought it was A Teradactdle. Not supposed to camp their though, took A chance. I got high hopes is what I was thinking. Hope the Lord sends the Holy Spirit and I prayed for their return to the Vast territory they once covered.

Paradise can be found sometimes by accident, I was on A hike and came across some really cool sculptings made in the snow. And I was overlooking A town that was not on the map. This was in Alberta Canada someplace, the trees were very tall and full. Made my way on foot and saw Gods hands were making things that are great. Had to leave all of these wonders behind and just be thankful I saw them.

I just read Loreena is going to Brazil, hope she and the band enjoy it their. We the People are very close in regards to Freedom. I have A friend from their I have not seen in years. He had great faith and taught me about cleaning the river in the town of Westwood, N.J. I would do the same although it was actually dangerous cause and their were bad guys who wanted it dirty. Are faith that God would answer us and his two children who would swim in the pond before the dam prevailed. So it was great he came from Brazil to do this, when I went back to visit years later I was amazed how clean and beautiful it had become. I hope it still is the same as when I last saw it. 

I like your perspective on trees as recently I opened to the awareness that
trees have souls. I had to take a multistate trip by truck recently and I
realized I have read land and wind by how trees sound and bend. Trees
protect. I saw homes in the middle of nowhere with old old trees protecting
them. I remember home by the sound of the breeze on leaves. There are two
sides to every leaf that rustles in the wind. Conifers mean I am in an
older forest and higher in the mountains. It goes on and the trees are
always watching.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 11:13 AM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Claire you have the right thought about trees. I read in Greek mythology that Aphrodite had A son that was A tree. He could move from tree to tree his name I think is A tree. I forgot it though ? Myrtle trees are mentioned in the bible about God. Something about protection I think?

Hello Wizard
How unique. I’m grateful for your mindfullness of history.
I remembered also that a certain Siberian Tribe respects the tradition of
having a ‘special’ tree which they put food under...especially during full
moons. Sometimes when that tree is injured, the human connected to it also
is affected.
I recently met a woman trained in plant remedies, in another related
topic,whom uses flower essences and plant relationships in healing work.
Once when I did a group healing with a specific South American plant I
journeyed into the caverns of my emotional\ mental bodies and drug out old
feelings unexpressed. A Shaman was present and before I entered the realm
of personal healing there was a beautiful woman appearing to me. I felt she
was the ‘Oversoul’ of the plant elixir I was working with.
Some Gardner’s tell me they communicate with the ‘soul Entities’ of their
garden plants to assist in the growing process.
Wowing kazowie.

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 10:09 PM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Yeah Claire plants are essential to are well being. Remembering how it was before greed and jealousy got involved. It was fabulous discovering what connection we have with creation and the creator. Their actually are angels that can give you flying lessons. What happened ? I hope to be able to find this level of  Heaven on earth again. See I actually would do this in front of people and was painting the George Washington Bridge with the first airless paint sprayer we invented. People were amazed but then their were other ones who did not appreciate it. Spent my life covering up my blessing and sharing it only with people who love God and have or want to be saved.

I sure got my answer about what happened and it was the wrong choice I made seeking approval. Although I would of never came across another person who was associated with that person I made the wrong choice with. Kind of A parody that's what it was like on marijuana. Now I just walk away when the opportunity presents itself. But keeping an open mind too because I know it has A God given purpose and just stay away from bad influences. i see farms that grow it all over the place here in Oregon. When I was A teen we took chances on it being good or poison. So that is one thing good about it being legal, knowing its good. But the cost of rent and other things went up. I don't use it myself and I found that you can get the same sort of effect by eating healthy and exercise. Their was A tea I drank that was Yogi tea and it had passion flower, valerian, it was good.

A walk underneath A waterfall would be fun, theirs one out in the "Wild and Scenic," part of the Rogue River. It has A pool at the bottom of it where you could bring A Tahiti raft to lounge out. Their are Myrtle trees surrounding it that smell terrific. Have A blessed day.

A seemingly soft place that it was and brought back my faith. I would like to go to the coast and listen to A CD of Loreena while waves crash on the beach. I once was listening to A tape of her music in my truck. I was at Argo State Park overlooking the ocean, the Sea Lions loved it.

Hope all you Loreenakateers had a good Fathers Day. My Father planted A Maple Tree when I was born, I thought it was great watching it grow. It gave me hope to know he cared. Sometimes I wish that A blessing I could bestow like that would happen for my sons and daughters. One day I will do that. And ask for God to bless them.

I know now why things are the way they are. My memory came back from about 40 years ago. It is A little different because of modern advances is all, some things are better, some worse. Yet their was always modern conveniences even in the 70's, it was just kept secret. So what I am finding is the God given grace was present but we have to remember how that got us through. I am writing about A Ship that went around the world called the "Endurance," what the Angels did to get them thru the ice when they were stuck. It is A good memory and I know more of same kind of faith and courage can happen. May that saving grace see us through the future.

I don't know whats next ? Remembering about stuff that was fun is happening now but afterwards was not. Maybe if I give A quick oversight, kind of like climbing A tree without getting entangled in the branches. You go over them by throwing A rope around the highest branch. I will find the solution this way climbing the rope over them. Then prune the unwanted branches on the way back down, sculpting A beautiful tree.

It would be very nice to visit Brazil and go see Loreena's concert. Although making that connection out of the country must be difficult. Then speaking Spanish would be convenient. Knowing people that are honest and reliable. I only  been out of U.S.A. once and my money went farther was A plus. I would pay for something with A dollar that cost five. This made me hang onto my money, it was in Canada. Some places gave me money back Canada's currency, I gave A five for A hamburger and received 2 twenties back. I looked at theirs and saw the Queen and ours A President that underneath had "In God We Trust," theirs blue ares green. I realized we are fortunate because of this perspective and know that are Presidents who have been in office swear in an oath to protect the Constitution, Bill of Rights,Freedom. I was offered A place to stay their but I missed the U.S.A.

It's 4th of July have A good day enjoy Freedom, then reflect on how it was established. And in keeping it going by sending Ben Franklin over to France for the first diplomatic mission. They liked Ben and what he stood for and in keeping with John Locke so they made the "Statue of Liberty." Quite and interesting story, I don't know if he got to see it but by God it sure had his influence in the making. It is nice remembering this because people would go their first to be Americans. Swearing and oath after they learned English was one of the requirements. The Pledge of Allegiance was the one, other stuff was later added. I visited it and enjoyed gathering their, the sun came out and their was A rainbow. Breezy place and you can hear voices in the wind claiming our country as A sovereign nation reflecting Gods wish for us to be Free.

Hello, everyone. I'm back here to write something related to this topic, which sounds like an environmentalist one, even though it is not completely relevant.  Recently, the other night, an idea popped up in my mind like corn kernels in an electric popper. I know that in some of earlier forum discussions, especially my most recent one about Loreena McKennitt being the "voice of God" in Road to the Lemon Grove, we talked about her presence in the films. As some of us know by now, Ms. McKennitt takes a great interest and concern for the environment. That has been expressed especially through the music.  Now, some of us recall that there used be an animated television show about the environmental-friendly superhero, Captain Planet. (Well, that would please her, even if she doesn't know that.)  For those of you who have trouble with bringing it to memory or who have no idea what the series is about, the show's premise focuses on a multi-cultural of five young people, each representing the five continents of the world and each bearing a ring that contains an element (earth, fire, wind and heart), and its titular superhero as they confront the everyday environmental threats to our planet Earth. So, as there is a possible film based on the series in the works, I thought to myself, "She {Loreena McKennitt] would make an excellent Gaia. I think that the voice and the role would perfectly suit her."  I am not kidding, folks. There are more than a few aspects about "Colonel McKennitt" that would qualify her for the part. She could even do a song for the movie's ending credits. What do you think, folks?

Loreenya I remember Captain Planet and it was A good idea that spun off the Justice League with conventional heroes like Superman, Wonderwoman. Keeping that in mind protecting the Planet. Seemingly are future is hopefully going to include these ideals. I was influenced by cartoons when growing up and wrote, drew Droopy. My neighbors were animators for other ones that got alot of airing like the Road Runner. It is now mostly foreigners who get the story board and draw them. Would be cool to see some new ones like you are describing again, since experiencing how these modern ones are vulgar and off base. I know my girl friend had A web page called Lonely Emeralds Animation that was very good. Making friends in the right places will hopefully happen for you and me to maybe get something like that accomplished. God Bless .

Wizard, there had been discussion and attempts to create a Captain Planet film for a number of years since the series was on television and up until recently, hardly anything has been done. (A similar thing happened with the Wonder Woman film, which, as you may know, was released last year). About two years ago, it was thought that Leonardo DiCaparo decided to take the helm for the project. I hope that that attempt is successful and that time around, it will be up and running. If that is true, I am going to have to find a way to get Ms. McKennitt or even lobby for her to get the part of Gaia (who, of course, in the program, is referred to as "the spirit of the Earth"), even though I myself am not a talent agent or anything similar. Her age and accompanying apparent wisdom as well as her love for Creation and semi-mysterious speaking voice would make her qualified for the role. Should that become a reality, it would be Ms. McKennitt's first, if not only major role in a Hollywood movie. She could even write a song for either the soundtrack and/or the film's end credits (you know, as those popping up and scrolling lines of names and such when the movie's over) ...that is, if the director and/or the film's staff is open to that.  

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