Happy Birthday, Loreena !!

Happy birthday from the deep of my heart, Loreena !

I'm thankful to life because of you and your music

All the best for a great new adventure.

Waiting for you in Italy this year ....

Thanks for everything, forever !


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My Dear Lory

Happy Happy Birthday, see you soon!

I send this link

Google Traduttore
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I invite you,  and everyone you know and who are sensitive to the environment to sign this petition., which otherwise takes place in Canada
Thanks to all.


Best wishes for Loreena! Have a wonderfully beautiful birthday. Thank you for making the world a beautiful place and filling my life with songs that benefit me on all levels. I wish I could do the same for you.

Love, Peace, Joy, and Music,


Very Best Regards for your day of birth. I see msgs for you Loreena, but not sure which day was yours. What you have shared is deeply moving. I honor your meticulous and generous nature. My mother was from Manitoba: from a large family, and a farm. It seems the place delivering those whom have hard working open hearts. Bless you, Claire from Seattle

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