Hello from Athens

Hello from Athens,Greece!

I' m a big Loreena's fan since i was 13 years old.There are so many things i could say about the feelings and times i have passed with her music next to me.I am a professional musician and drum teacher and i could say that Loreena's existence has played a very important role for taking that life decision for me...I remember one night,some years ago,when Loreena came to Athens and played an amazing concert at Theatro Vraxon..it was a time i have quitted playing music for several reasons..after that night,and the emotions i felt listening to her, made me review my decision of quitting..Nowdays,i am here being a musician because of that night.I want to thank you Loreena for everything,i am still a  big fan and i will be forever!

Loreena's way of expressing her Soul through  music and lyrics is so unique and special that moved me so much!I have never had an experience like that while listening to other music..

I love you very much and i hope to see you sometime again performing live!

Please come to Athens ,or somewhere in Europe,again!

Thank you for everything


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Hello TolishG! I enjoyed reading your post as I can relate to your experience with how Loreena effects you.

(Just a side note, I find it odd that Loreena's name isn't listened in the dictionary on her own message board! It gave me a little chuckle to add her name to the list.)

Anyways, back to the subject at hand, I'm glad you got back into music and can tell how Loreena "serves the music". That is one thing my percussion teacher has taught me. Loreena finds the soul of the song and it deeply resonates deeply in my soul. When I play that is where I go to bring new life to the songs I play. I don't perform unless my teacher sets up a date, but I do play a lot at home.

Take Care,


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