Hello! I will be seeing Loreena in Oct 2015

I am  very happy to be seeing Loreena for the first time. I've collected her music since 2002 and I just love the mood that her music sets me in. I have a question, her tour will be a trio, and I'm sure I will love it, but I was wondering if I will miss her full orchestra, since I'm in love with the electric violin and the sounds from ancient instruments that are used in her music, and the bongos. To me it's all part of her that I love.


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Thank you Melanie! I love her music so much I am confident it will be something to treasure. I hope someday to see her full orchestra, but chances are i would have to travel far, which would be an awesome experience! Thank you for your feedback! 

I think you won't be disappointed I am the marque downtown has Loreena performing at the Rogue stage theater in grants pass Oregon. I saw the sign  thought great I'll pick up A couple tickets , sold out for three days. I will check out maybe can find another concert. Hope you enjoy !

Hello, Val207. I am glad that you had the opportunity to encounter "the Colonel" herself. I reckon that it might have been exciting for you. Are you looking forward to the next tour? Well, I am. I must admit that partially, my love for McKennitt's radio smash hit "The Mummers' Dance" led me to getting to know her and I still like that song to pieces after all of these years. (It's funny that people confused Loreena McKennitt with Enya when that song came out).  I hope that we all will get to know one another as we continue to follow our Colonel. Welcome to "Loreena's Legion," Val.  

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