Hi all (from Poland)

I’m Lucyna and I live in Poland. My adventure with Loreena’s songs began five years ago. I’ve been watching this message board since a year and I finally joined in. It’s good to see so many people writing here. I’ve already found someone who does reiki… I’m a not-yet-master of this art Wink In my free time I take photos and write stories.

I hope to meet you in other topics soon Smiler
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Hale and well met. It's intersting that Loreena's music has touched so many people from so vast a spread across the globe. Sitting here in Australia Loreena does not strike me as a commerical artist, more in the mold of private performers like Kate Bush.

Sitting here in Australia Loreena does not strike me as a commerical artist, more in the mold of private performers like Kate Bush.

I've got that same feeling. I think Loreena has already found her middle way. She does what she loves, that's the clue.

Peppercat, it's nice to meet you. I write short poems as well but only when I really need them in my stories Smiler Loreena's music inspires me very much and I listen to her songs while writing.

I have quite a lot of free time with these little breaks called work... I'd say that there have been more breaks than free time lately - sorry for my absence Wink
Oh, I'm sure we'll meet one day at the concert in Poland (counting days and nights Big Grin ).

Actually I'm glad to see so many Poles here. It means that Loreena is quite popular in our country. This charming music works like a kind of enchantment. I've already infected half of my friends with love for these songs.

Greetings from Bydgoszcz!
Hi Lucyna and Jolanta, nice to meet you!! You have a different name, I have friends from Poland that worked with me here in Brazil which names are Yassek, Jarek, Lenka. Lucyna seems like Brazilian names, here we have a similar name that is Luciana, maybe the translation of your name to our language Smiler I hope someday i can visit your country, I almost gone last year. Actually I have a travel ticket yet, Im waiting to find a friend to join me on that travel. And you are invited to know Brazil, it is very different from everything you know, the weather is very hot, many europeans come here very often specially in winter.

You use the musics to write your poems and I do the same to study. From a long time ago Loreena´s music are with me all the time.

What is reiki?? Smiler Is this related to japanese animes? Big Grin Im learning to design them, do you like it? Just writing or do you like designing as well?

Nice to meet you,

Some of my friends are interested in anime but I somehow did't catch that.

As for my poems, I don't have too many of them. I prefer short stories. I wrote my earliest tales when I was in primary school (the first serious work was 45 pages long Razzer). Since that time my style and general topic have changed. The writings, sometimes filled with poems or songs, are based on Celtic folklore.

I have a wild plan of making some sketches to my stories and create a short clip. That means spending half of my holidays on preparing a presentation but still I want to do that.

Reiki is a method of natural healing with one's spiritual energy. (It has nothing to do with animes).

I connect Brazil with carnival and I think this is the first association of most Poles. I travel a lot, mainly around Europe. I haven't been to Brazil yet but maybe some day I will. Actually, I'm dreaming about a trip to India. Last year I visited Normandy in France and it hit me that it was raining every day between 10.00 and 12.00.

See you next time Smiler

I've edited my spelling (again).
It is very common to connect Brazil with carnival, it is one of our most popular events and known worldwide. But there are a lot of other beautiful things to see here. Beautiful forests, amazing waterfalls, different culture. Brazil is so big that it is like many countries connected together. If you visit north, you will see everything completely different from south. At north you have Amazon Forest and everything depends on it. At south/southest, you will find a region that in many aspects remembers Europe itself. Many germans, polish, italians. São Paulo is the biggest Latin American city and if it was sepparated from Brazil, it would be considered a full developped country. We have wonderful beaches from all over Brazil extension (eastern side). Really there are many good things to see and many foreign people come to visit us and return charmed.

But, carnival will always attract more attention unfortunately, it is normal.


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